Ezra on Canadian converts to Islam and overseas terrorism

People need to understand this material, even if Ezra insists on using the ‘extremist’ and ‘fundamentalist view of Islam’ when really its about the sharp end of the spear. But even so, he makes the link between Islam and violent supremacism that is the one people need to understand.

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  1. Not so holy bloodbath!

    Dozens killed in wave of bombings across Iraq (CNN, Oct 14, 2013)
    “A string of car and roadside bombings across Iraq on Sunday killed at least 44 people and wounded more than 140 others, police officials told CNN.

    The deadliest attack occurred in Kut when two car bombs exploded in a busy commercial street. Seventeen people were killed and 49 others wounded, according to police officials in the city, which is about 100 miles south of Baghdad.

    Among the other worst attacks:

    — In the Sunni neighborhood al-Amriya in Baghdad, two bombs exploded at shops killing nine people and wounding 21 others. Other deadly attacks were also carried out in other parts of Baghdad.

    — In the Shiite city of Diwaniya, two car bombs exploded in an outdoor market, killing eight people and wounding 17 others. Diwaniya is about 118 miles south of Baghdad

    — In Samara, a Sunni town north of Baghdad, two bombs exploded in a busy market, leaving four dead and 11 others wounded.

    Other attacks were carried out throughout Iraq, including the southern city of Basra near the Persian Gulf…”

  2. Holy bigotry! Muhammadan judge delivers.

    Malaysia court rules non-Muslims cannot use ‘Allah’ (BBC, Oct 14, 2013)
    “A Malaysian court has ruled that non-Muslims cannot use the word Allah to refer to God, overturning a 2009 lower court ruling.

    The appeals court said that allowing non-Muslims to use the word would “cause confusion in the community”.

    Christians argue that they have used the word in Malay for decades and that the ruling violates their rights.

    The 2009 ruling sparked religious tensions and led to churches and mosques being attacked.

    It came after the government said that a Catholic newspaper, The Herald, could not use the word in its Malay-language edition to describe the Christian God.

    The newspaper sued, and a court ruled in their favour in December 2009. The government then launched an appeal.

    Chief judge Mohamed Apandi Ali said on Monday: “The usage of the word Allah is not an integral part of the faith in Christianity.”

    “The usage of the word will cause confusion in the community,” he added.

    The Herald editor Reverend Lawrence Andrew said he was “disappointed and dismayed”, and would appeal against the decision…”

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