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3 Replies to “Saturday Oct. 12 2013 Islamic history month post”

  1. Politically incorrect news blog FriaTider:

    “Muhammed as good as Jesus, according to Swedish bishops

    When the candidates in the election of archbishop was asked if Jesus gives a truer picture of God than Muhammad the answers were evasive. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back for one of the Swedish Church’s leading theologians who are now leaving the church in protest.

    On June 14 next year the Swedish Church Archbishop Anders Wejryd will retire. The process to appoint his successor has therefore begun and on Tuesday, the first round of the archbishop election will take place. But last week a public hearing where held where the Archbishop candidates were able to explain their views on various theological issues.

    “Does Jesus give a truer picture of God than Muhammad,” read one of the questions.

    And the only one of the four candidates who participated in the survey who answered yes to that question was Ragnar Persenius , who is Bishop of Uppsala. The others seemed uncertain.

    – One can not reduce all religious theology, namely the question of how different religions relate to one another, to a yes or no question. It is as to do violence to a wealth of knowledge and experience that exists there, said Bishop Antje JackelĂ©n, which many analysts believe is most likely to win the election.

    But now a leading Swedish church theologian, priest and professor, Eva Hamberg, directs scathing criticism of the vagueness from the Archbishop candidates.

    – Only that they were asked the question whether Jesus gives a truer picture of God than Muhammad was enough, and they could not even respond clearly to it. With this the Swedish Church is turning from the worldwide church. When I was ordained, such a question could not even have been asked, said Eva Hamberg to the Church newspaper.”


  2. France remands ‘top al-Qaeda man’ Naamen Meziche (BBC, Oct 12, 2013)
    “A Frenchman believed to have had links to a German al-Qaeda cell behind the 11 September attacks on the US has been remanded in custody in Paris.

    Naamen Meziche, who is of Algerian descent, has been placed under formal investigation.

    He was deported from Pakistan on Tuesday and faces charges of criminal conspiracy regarding a terrorist enterprise.

    He was arrested in May last year in Pakistan close to the border with Iran.

    Three other suspected French militants with whom he was detained were deported to France earlier this year…”

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