Cynthia Sweeney follow up article to the ‘No-Halloween for infidels’ article here at Vlad last week.

The sequel is published over at American Thinker.

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According to CTV News Canada on October 7th 2013, the previously-cancelled Halloween and Christmas celebrations have just been reinstated at Winnipeg’s Hastings School.  Earlier that day, I had published an article,Sharia Adjustments in Canadian Schools, focusing on Hastings School being at the centre of a controversy regarding the cancellation of these holiday celebrations.  However, what is important to note, is that these Canadian traditional holidays that have been celebrated for a few hundred years, were about to be replaced with possibly Islamic ones.  Yes, Islamic ones. How so?


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3 Replies to “Cynthia Sweeney follow up article to the ‘No-Halloween for infidels’ article here at Vlad last week.”

  1. The mulch-cutural idiots don’t want to promote Canadian or American values, they want to destroy our cultures in the name of tolerance.

  2. Promoting Islamic values is a targeted program to present Islam to the host society as a civilization alternative to (as in our case) the Western notion of democracy, and to expand islam into new territories, as Mohammed did in Medina (migrated from Mecca) 1400 years ago.

    This civilization alternative supports the global Islamic Caliphate. Islam must be enabled first, in the minds and hearts of Westerners, which seems to be a very easy task, given all the dhimmis and useful idiots who are aiding and abetting this suicidal process. These dhimmis make it oh-so-easy for Muslim immigrants to import Islam into our Western way of life, so that one day, these immigrants will eventually reduce the host communities to a mere dhimmi status. Unless concerned citizens get involved. They can make a difference, as we saw with Winnipeg’s Hastings School reversing its decision to reinstate Christmas and Halloween.

    Many of these Muslim immigrants have no intention to integrate, but rather to set the agenda in their host society or country, as per the Koran and Sunnah (which includes the Hadiths and the Sira – Mohammed’s biography). Migration (hijra) is a “religious obligation” to spread Islam, just as Mohammed did. And everything that Mohammed does, must be emulated – our behavior and character must be patterned after his example, as he is the exemplary leader.

    What better place to start this process of settlement than in the school, as one totalitarian (Lenin), reminding us of another (Mohammed), once said: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

    And it doesn’t stop there. After Islamifying the educational organizations, then the political organizations, media, economic, scientific, intellectual, social, youth, female, security, and legal organizations follow (as per the Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum on the general strategic goal for the Brotherhood in North America being a process of settlement as a “civilization-jihadist process”; published in 1991 and found in 2004).

    As an aside, Lenin, like fellow totalitarian Mohammed, also disdained music, and said this: “I cannot listen much to music. It excites my nerves. I feel like talking nonsense and caressing people who, living in such a filthy hell, can create such beauty. Because today one must not caress anyone; they will bite off your hand. One must break heads, pitilessly break heads, even if, ideally, we are opposed to all violence.”

    In addition to what I wrote in my previous article (Turning Back the Tide of Sharia Adjustments) regarding a couple of hadiths, which stipulated that those who use musical instruments will be destroyed and transformed into monkeys and pigs, and that Mohammed was ordered to destroy all musical instruments, there exists another hadith (from the holy collection attributed to Allah) that dictates this: “On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sits listening to a songstress.”

    Well, when the times comes, I’ll just cover my head with a diamond helmet…

    Cynthia Yacowar-Sweeney

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