Honouring Islamic history month with the Ottawa Police for Oct. 11 2013


Thank you Richard for sending in this article about an important anniversary of Islam and its 1400 year relationship with non-Muslims.

Precisely 100 years after the death of Islam’s prophet Muhammad in 632, his Arab followers, after having conquered thousands of miles of lands from Arabia to Spain, found themselves in Gaul, modern day France, facing a hitherto little known people, the Christian Franks.

There, on October 10 or 11, in the year 732, one of history’s most decisive battles took place, demarcating the extent of Islam’s western conquests and ensuring the survival of the West.

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11 Replies to “Honouring Islamic history month with the Ottawa Police for Oct. 11 2013”

  1. If Martel had lost that battle, all of Europe would have been reading the Koran today. There would be no great works of art, no Renaissance and probably no discovery of America. This was one of the most important events in military history along with the siege of Vienna in 1683.

  2. Always glad to help.

    This is the battle that allowed our civilization to develop, one that is no longer taught in history classes.

  3. That is an ideal. Hollywood is looking for something new and exciting, something fresh.

    We should get some Bollywood films about the Rajput era. Would they need to be dubbed? So many people in India speak English but I would think Hindi is spoken in the films.

    Maybe we could get a Hollywood/Bollywood joint movie without hopefully the left trying to insert a message.

    Ran was a great movie. it is time to see something from India.

    Ran (Japanese for “rebellion”, “uprising” or “revolt”, or to mean “disturbed” or “confused”) is a 1985 Japanese-French jidaigeki epic film directed and co-written by Akira Kurosawa. The film stars Tatsuya Nakadai as Hidetora Ichimonji, an aging Sengoku-era warlord who decides to abdicate as ruler in favor of his three sons. The story is based on legends of the daimyo M?ri Motonari, as well as on the Shakespearean tragedy King Lear


    A totally awesome movie.

    The Rajput provide some 1,000 to 1,500 years worth of history to draw material from for movies.

  4. Garbage in, garbage out. Waste of effort and resources.

    Pakistan Taliban commander ‘seized in US operation’ (BBC, Oct 11, 2013)
    “US forces have captured a senior Pakistan Taliban commander, Latif Mehsud, in a military operation, the state department has confirmed.

    Spokeswoman Marie Harf described Latif Mehsud as a “terrorist leader” and a “senior commander” in the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

    She gave no details of the operation…”

  5. A side comment about the choice of photo at the top of your post. I had the occasion to be down at the lobby of Ottawa Police Services downtown station earlier in the month, which based on the details in the photo is where I presume it was taken. At that particular location, there was a very large Islamic flag hanging (white crescent and star on a red background) in the lobby. What I found interesting was that there was not a single Canadian flag to be seen anywhere in the lobby. It felt a little chilling.

  6. @Eeyore – I saw it hanging from the railing on the second floor. Assuming it is still present and in the same location, have your back to Elgin St in the lobby, turn right, and look up.

  7. I am all for being open minded and tolerant, but honestly — do we have a recognition of Christian History month? How about Jewish history month? Ultimately,their intentions may be good, but this is a violation of secular public services. The police — especially the police — should be totally neutral on these matters. How could they not know this?

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