News links for Oct. 9 2013 – 1

1. It seems Muslims are demanding that all schools change their holidays etc. to reflect Islamic needs at the expense of Christmas etc.

1a. WND and WTF (the organization formerly known as CAIR)

1b. Oct. 7 The fight continues 

1c. Maryland Sept. 18

1d. Mr Conservative Sept. 26 (video)

1e. Free Republic Sept 25

2. Turkey lifts ban on headscarves for government workers.

3. British journalism and Muslim hypocrisy 

4. Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Muslims Dig Up Dead Hindu, Drag His Body Through The Streets

5. Obama Expected to Reduce Military Aid to Egypt

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  1. Don, dan

    Continuing with the saga ( this war will be made into a 3D saga in the future, filled with brave knights, cowardly knaves, beautiful damsels, and of course, bloody body parts).

    I have no doubt now that that war is a coordinated strategic policy, in which all Western nations are taking part. The clue is that even the most vehemently neutral nations, Sweden, and once even Switzerland, were part of allied forces in Afghanistan.

    Even when there is a change in government, the incoming government is informed that it has no real choice in this matter. Note the way that socialist Hollande, France has continued the policy with even greater vehemence then the previous conservative Sarkozi. Ditto democrat Obama. Ditto conservative Cameron after Labour Blair.

    An important part of the strategy requires that we maintain the fiction that we are not at war with Islam. From this follows

    1. Even when Jihadis mass murder civilians, or soldiers at Fort Hood for instance, and resolutely claim that they are waging Jihad because of our war on Muslim nations, we refuse to recognise it. Our leaders simply insist that it was a “work place accident” ( Fort Hood), or a tiny minority of extremists etc.

    To recognise what the Jihadis are saying, would implicitly admit that we are in a state of general war. This would not do.

    2. The EDL had the potential, as it was a grass roots movement (and the only one in the West), to alter the political map. It was a working class movement, with no allegiance to Blairite Labour. It was therefore a rogue. This could not be allowed. And so the EDL was marked for political assassination.

    There are other counter-Jihad movements and people. Robert Spencer is a leading light. But he publishes a blog, and speaks by invitation. Therefore he is no threat.

    The only person that was a possible real threat was Geert Wilders. We know that he was prosecuted for hate speech, and that came to nothing, as political support for him increased. The curious thing here is that, as soon as he moved into the corridors of power, his sequel to “Fitna”, which was to be released asap, has somehow vanished from the scene.

    The general strategy for this was was set out in the time of Bush and Blair. No one, not even Obama can change the general strategy and objective, or he will find himself in trouble, as he once did. In fact, Obama is perfect for the job, as his Muslim name reinforces the deception. But this only lasts for some time. Note, that under Obama, the war has become even more fierce, and Muslims themselves see it as such.

    Our leaders, not all of them, are that stupid to allow an alien culture to defeat and conquer them. Not after 9/11. Heck, if cunning, deception and duplicity is considered, they have no equals. In any case, the case for changing the global order, established after WW1, was already strong immediately after Gulf war 1.

    So are we at war?

    1. In any major war, the media are made to toe the line.

    2. Many constitutional freedoms are removed. In a stated general war, they are done openly. In an unstated general war, they are removed surreptitiously.

    3. Any movement that will alter the political balance, is either removed from the scene, its leaders imprisoned, or made to understand the realities of power, if that is, they are part of the ruling elite. Tommy Robinson and Geert Wilders respectively, come to mind.

    4. A general war requires money. In a stated war, nations issue war bonds. In an unstated war, the money has to be raised in a clandestine manner. The AGW tax on electricity and coal is a candidate.

    Further, QE helps to raise money, while devaluing the main asset of the enemy. Oil costs less in real terms, while the already invested petrodollars lose value. Deliberately holding interest rates at virtually 0%, serves the same purpose ( I need help here).

    The general population may complains, but this is natural in a war. As long as food and fuel is available, the government calculates we wont take to the streets, and cause mayhem that will upset the strategy. So far, they calculate, so good.

  2. DP111,

    People must tell you you’re an incurable optimist!

    But whether by design or by accident, there is unquestionably more wreckage across the Arab world these days.

  3. Obama will cut the aid to Egypt because they are resisting the Brotherhood, this cut will remain in place as long as he is in office.

  4. don c wrote: People must tell you you’re an incurable optimist!

    My first concern with Islam was during the June 1967 Arab-Israeli war. But I wasn’t concerned overly, as Islam was confined within its borders, and going backwards by the minute.

    I got really concerned about the Islam problem was in the early 80’s, and even more at the time of Rushdie affair. I was quite pessimistic then . Right through the early days after 9/11, I used to educate people about the reality of Islam on the LGF site, which was the only blog that allowed such comments. The question that plagued me was how was one to reverse the course we were on without damaging our reputation and self-respect, of being liberal and humane societies.

    I posed this problem/question on many sites, over the years, including GoV, with the late Laurence Auster also taking part. The response from everyone was that forced repatriation was the only answer. But this violated our own principles, and put us in the same category as Islamic and other totalitarian nations. I first put the question up some six years ago, when I thought I could see a way.

    But what began to dilute that pessimism is the curious behaviour of all Western leaders after 9/11.

    So where am I now. Not quite an incurable optimist though, but a bit more hopeful. Another reason to be optimistic is that the people are getting more hostile to Islam/Muslims. They get more hostile, the more our leaders say that Islam is the RoP.

    This hostility is evident in the rise of nationalist parties in all major European countries. This would not have happened if we hadn’t pursued the policy of destabilizing Muslim countries under the guise of spreading democracy., while leaving them wrecked, and thus eliciting terrorist Jihadi attacks by Western Muslims.

    Now one can say that all this coincidence. True, but not when all Western leaders are singing from the same sheet.

    In any case, in any war, we the people on the Home Front, must not become defeatist, and thus pessimists. We must be confident that not only will we win the war militarily, which we have, but will defeat Islam where it matters – in the hearts and minds of Muslims. And we will do so without sacrificing our principles.

  5. DP111,

    It’s interesting to hear about the trajectory of your involvement with the issue, and the observations and reasoning that lead you to some guarded optimism. It’s hopeful indeed that so many more Westerners are informing themselves about Islam these days and developing a healthy hostility.

    I don’t think it violates our principles to deport the soldiers of an enemy army, though. I’ve had a lot of years around Muslims at this point, and I have to say their hearts and minds just don’t seem all that winnable. The indoctrination as you know begins early and runs deep. With the centuries of inbreeding it’s probably coded on some gene by now.

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