So what is this think tank that Tommy Robinson has just joined?

Here is an article on the Quilliam foundation from the Guardian that helps to understand its nature.

Here is a press release on Op Cast Lead, when Israel responded to thousands of rocket attacks

Notice that the foundation leaders brag that they have cut the head off of the EDL. This doesn’t sound so much like a ‘fight against extremism’, (itself a pile of rhetorical nonsense as extremism is whatever you define it to be) more, it sounds like a tactical victory.

“Last night with an unfortunate choice of words, Mr Nawaz boasted of ‘decapitating’ the EDL.

He said: ‘What is commonly perceived as the UK’s largest anti-Muslim street movement – the EDL – is being decapitated.’”

Dispatch International on this event:

(The title is referencing this excellent song by The Band)

Some video of Tommy on this:

Andrew Bostom supplied this material 

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29 Replies to “So what is this think tank that Tommy Robinson has just joined?”

  1. I don’t know what to say. I’m not convinced by any of this. I believe that Quilliam are taqiyya merchants who are working on soft jihad, the type of jihad that cuddles you and then slowly strangles you.
    This is a sad time for counterjihad!

  2. Yeah me to Bob, because they can always revert back to the taqiyya, and be seen as doing the correct thing according to their korky-cran, I would never trust the filth, not after seeing some of the videos on this and other sites.

  3. What’s going on with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer regarding this? They normally make several blog updates every afternoon, but nothing today. Not about EDL, not about anything else.

  4. The problem with counter Jihad in refined form is that it ignores the flesh n blood aspects of immivasion, deracination, multiculturalism, Ethnonationalists.

    Islam itself is a perfect example of equalitarianism, as perfect as Marx, therefore inhuman.

  5. i took atlas shrugs and jihadwatch out of my bookmarks, and i`ll advise everybody to do the same.
    this mob: lefty`s and there third world troops, will not go trough democracie, thats what we have to learn!

  6. Some sort of pressure has been put on tommy, that’s what I tend to think, political, the courts, I’ve heard talk of him being paid, but I don’t buy that, he’s a dynamic bright guy that can earn a good wage if that’s what he wanted.
    Nazis have not been the biggest issue, they’ve continuously been identified and outed, and EDL have been getting better at it. personally I would have preferred they were outed at demos and given a good kicking in public.

    while I don’t agree with Spencer’s take on all this (think he’s being nieve), fair play to this comment…

    Robert | October 8, 2013 3:40 PM | Reply
    Re Quilliam: I do not support it. This statement doesn’t mention it. How Tommy Robinson’s connection with them will play out remains to be seen. I expect that he is going to continue to fight against Islamic jihad, Islamic supremacism, Islamic Jew-hatred, etc. If by chance he doesn’t, then I won’t consider him an ally any longer.

  7. That interview left me with the impression that locking up official government ‘extremist’ will make them soft.

    Forget about the Islam for a moment look at the bigger picture. He just told tyrants of the world, “to lock up their ‘extremist’ and help them see their mistakes.”

    This is a very bad day for freedom

  8. Says Oily Creep w the I-am-the-enemy beard:

    Tommy came crawling to me on hands & knees, begging me to rescue him from a filthy place. His urgency was such that it spoke to my empathic heart. Once upon a time I found myself in bed with something ugly – the HT [mutters under his breath: “peace be upon it”] – and I was rescued by Fairy-Godfather [inclusiveness uber alles]. How could I in turn refuse such a plea?

    Clearly Tommy is numb. How else could he endure that crude, patronizing rubbish meant as a summary description of events leading to this moment?

  9. Someone else thinking along what I see as an apparent struck-dumb Tommy.

    Hesperado on October 9, 2013 at 2:41 pm said at GoV:
    I mean this half facetiously — but also half dead-seriously. Someone should closely examine the public statements and/or press conference given by Tommy Robinson in the wake of this coup. Look carefully and see if you can see any signs he may be trying to communicate, of panic and distress. The Quilliam Foundation may have convinced Tommy that they can, and will, kill his family unless he does this; and he may be convinced that he can do nothing about it, short of complying with their demands.

    I’m seeing this too.

  10. The Quilliam Foundation are unlikely to have done that, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past the state security services. I’m sure the establishment would be willing to stoop to any lengths to decapitate the EDL.

  11. “Quilliam is the world’s first counter-extremism think tank set up to address the unique challenges of citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalised world.”

    Citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalized world are straight out of the Communist handbook for a common purpose. The mesmerization and domestication of sheeple.

    “Quilliam stands for religious freedom, equality, human rights and democracy.”

    Free to be Socialist, to be given equal seating, preferential rights for belonging to a preferred group, and mob-rule. Cull on earth.

  12. I beginning to believe maybe the British government is in panic mod with the elections in France and what is taking place in Greece with the golden Dawn. I am afraid the government do not see any difference between the EDL and those groups which to us it is a clear difference.

    Anything is possible when a government is afraid of their existence

  13. tondor13

    You need to calm down and think about what you are saying.

    You are saying everything Tommy has done is now meaningless and even if he was threatened into this as it very well could be it matters not. You would rather see the government slap a Mohammad costume on with a pig head and drop him and his family in the middle of Pakistan.

    For me It doesn’t matter if he is making a major error in judgement, the right decision or if it was a threat. Personally I am thanking him for all he was able to do up until this point. You have got to see all the sacrifice he has made up until now.

    Also, read some history about some of the greatest fighters against Islam. Working with them isn’t a bad move. It has worked in favor throughout our history a number of times.

  14. Ah well, hopefully my novels “Soul Saviour,” “Get Emily” and the soon to be released “For Anastasia” become so popular that they end up putting so much well deserved crap onto Islam that Tommy’s defection matters not…

  15. Tommy has been bought off. Simples. Nobody changes sides so quickly with a smile on their face unless it’s for their own gain. Tommy has been suspect by some for a long time and now the rest of the EDL will pay the price for his treachery.

  16. There is a Judas type stench here.

    If you create a mass mobilization and then back off you have endangered everyone for nothing. He must have known the score back when he started his group. The demographic predictions and PC multicult are well known quantities. Why did he lead thousands into a ditch that he drove around?

    • Ox AO
      There is a difference between being threatened and being bought off. I will say again, Tommy has been suspect by some, including myself for a long time and judging by the latest photograph of him with that night shirted Muslim he certainly doesn’t look threatened to me.

      Tommy has sold out his followers and without Tommy up front they are in for a very rough ride if they remain EDL activists. You say that working with Muslims isn’t a bad move. Only a madman or someone who doesn’t know much about the biggest liars and most untrustworthy people on earth could say such a thing.

      The Muslim Brotherhood has made it quite clear that their aim is to conquer the world and have it ruled by Islamic law. Making friends with invaders who are out to take over your own country is NOT a good idea. Working with Islam is what our corrupt politicians do and look at the state of the land and it’s getting worse.

      The indigenous British population is falling whilst the Islamic population are breeding like rabbits and along with their mass immigration they will soon be in a position to out vote us on any issue they want. Once that happens democracy will be crushed. Some people say that this will happen within as little as thirty years in the UK at the present rate of Muslim mass immigration and breeding.

      My time left in this life if now very short and I won’t be around when the inevitable happens if people don’t wake up. But I shudder at the thought of my descendants living under such barbarity as will happen under Islamic rule. People with any sense do not make friends with people who are out to destroy us.

  17. Look at Obama. He has a voting block of 13 % that will back him come hell or high water. He’s driven the US to destruction in 5years. Imagine an England with 12% Pakistani/Muslim throwing its weight around? Every English Metro area will be Muslim. The English will become a disposed of hill tribe. There will be more Pakistanis than Welsh or Scots.

    It’s a calamity.

  18. If you keep the pressure on long enough you can break anyone, what scares me is that the Brit government would keep the pressure on long enough to break Tommy and Kevin.

    • Richard
      Tommy hasn’t been broken, he has been bought. Any person who was under threat would have had the bottle to say so and step down with dignity. Tommy hasn’t, and it shows.

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