News links for Oct. 7 2013 – 1

1. Netanyahu Links Palestinian Leadership, Nazis

Netanyahu provided quotes and evidence showing that the supreme leader of the Palestinian Arabs in the first half of the 20th century, Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini, was actively involved in encouraging Adolf Hitler and his henchmen in their project of annihilating the Jewish people.

2. I was told I’d have to wear a hijab, I said ‘I don’t think so’: Today programme’s first Muslim presenter on why she won’t wear the veil

3. Lampedusa tragedy will likely result in absurd new regulations making Europeans responsible for the stupidest and illegal decisions of attempted illegal invaders.

(And check the photo. Can you find Waldo?)

4. Science continues to blaze trails to dizzying heights. A hole to another universe? (Sometimes it seems like whatever anyone can make up can be shown to be ‘true’ if you have a big enough cyclotron)

5. Village Council Upholds Expulsion of Christian Family in Egypt

6. Far-right on the rise in France as anti-immigration parties win majority of the vote in by-election

7. Woman caught placing bomb at Iraq school as six killed

(Ah the struggles of Islamic motherhood, having to get up early in the morning and bring your bombs to schools after feeding them timers and high energy chemicals)


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  1. Buddhist mob destroys five Muslim-owned houses in Myanmar

    A mob of angry Buddhists destroyed five Muslim-owned houses in Myanmar early Sunday following reports that a 14-year-old Buddhist girl was raped, officials said.

    The latest round of communal violence erupted shortly after midnight when about 100 people surrounded a police station in the town of Kyaung Gone, 50 kilometres north-west of Yangon, demanding that police hand over a Muslim rape suspect. “When we refused their demand, they became angry and started destroying Muslim houses,” an official from the town’s administrative office said. Another Muslim-owned house was partially destroyed …

  2. The gold standard in charity is to treat people in the country of their birth.

    Take cleft lip for example. Doctors used to fly to some 3rd world country, perform the operations and get the accolades (you do have to promote yourself some).

    Now the standard is that the same doctor flies to a 3rd world nation and trains a doctor in the 3rd world and provide the funds for hundreds of operations.

    I wish I could find the link.

    This is what we should do with refugees. That would mean we would kick @ss and take names. For the same reason we would not want to fight a 2 major wars (2 fronts at the same time), we do not want to take on all the worlds piss pot dictators at the same time. We would have to prioritize. Some people like influential Hollywood types (Democrat donor class, DDC for short) have not got the message. George Clooney I am speaking about you.

    “Denouncing President Bush for planning to kill “innocent people” in Iraq, actor George Clooney insisted on Monday’s Charlie Rose show on PBS that pursuing war with Iraq while not doing so with North Korea illustrates how “we’re picking on people we can beat.”

    from the sites Boycot Liberalism &

    But Clooney is not much for history.

    If I recall correctly Sargon was the king’s gardener. How he rose to be king of a Sumerian city is unknown. However after he became king he had a problem with a more powerful king to the south. Both kings knew that they were going to butt heads. Sargon would lose. Understanding that Sargon struck north and conquered several cities. He then struck east towards the mountains. By the time he was done his army was better trained and large than the that of the kind to the south.

    It is just the way it works.

    Note Hitler struck Czechoslovakia 1st not Poland. It probably would not have worked the other way around.

    The only problem with Iraq is that he had too much internal dissension. People have no clue that we need to get rid of the Pol Pot, Ki Jung Un, & Castros of the world. But I guess it does ;t matter if there are 20 fewer countries that safe to visit now than there were 20 or 40 years ago. We have Monday night football and Hollweird movies.

    If the average joe cannot afford a cable football package then we might have a revolt.

  3. SAUDI ARABIA Two Million Pilgrims Arrive For This Year’s Haj

    JEDDAH, Oct 7 (Bernama) — Several hundred buses lined up at the parking bays outside the King Abdul Aziz Haj Terminal here as pilgrims from around the world continued to arrive in batches for this year’s Haj pilgrimage.

    Thousands of buses were already on their way ferrying almost two million pilgrims – many of whom had come by air, and some by land and sea.

    The Haj Terminal, estimated to be at least five million square feet (465,000 square metres) is known for its tent-shaped fibreglass roof.

    The terminal has a mosque, and it can accommodate 80,000 travellers at one time.

  4. #4 We are living in an age when science fiction becomes reality, I just finished the second SF book Dr. Travis Taylor wrote, his writing style has gotten better since then but in both of his first books he put so much cutting edge physics in that he had to write afterwords to tell what was real. The ideas are still on the very cutting edge of physics.

    Red Obama seems to be trying to cause a civil war, the way he is pushing on the shutdown things will probably heat up before too long.

  5. My comment was on #3.

    We should not have to take ever increasing amount of refugees. We solve the problem at the source, which is poor governance. Call it poor governance or call it evil. Use what ever analogy you want . You have to start bailing or start draining the swamp. Bush started it. There was not buy in from the opposition party, because well they are the opposition and they would rather the Republicans lose and the country lose than for them to remain out of power.

    Because there was no buy in , the opposition power launched a campaign against their opponents and took power. Now that the war is their war, they declared victory, claimed credit for winning it and left. In effect Obama stopped bailing. He stopped draining the swamp.

    Now draining the swamp is an interesting analogy. It has been hypothesized that the the Hercules battle with the hydra was a metaphor for some Greeks people’s battle with a swamp. Every time they drained it it kept filling up. The failed at many attempts until they finally figured it out. it was an important victory. They could not pull an Obama and quit. By draining the swamp they created more arable land to feed their population and got rid of a breeding area for malaria carrying mosquitos.

    The swamp is going to refill with Taliban. Thankyou Obama

    Look on the bright side, we will know where to find Zawahiri! 🙂

    Iran has its’ hands full in Syria. It can not do much in Afghanistan versus Pakistan. it falls to the Russian, Chinese or Indians to do something. at least while the Obama & company run Washington.

  6. Red as far as I can tell not only would the Dems rather lose then be out of power they seem to be working to deliberately destroy the US.

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