History fact of Islam for Oct. 7 2013

In recognition of the Ottawa Police Islamic history month banner at the Elgin St. HQ, here is today’s Islamic history fact.

The 1922 burning of Smyrna by Muslim Turks, one of the wealthiest Ottoman cities located on Turkey’s Aegean coast, and the massacre and scattering of its 300,000 Christians, mostly Armenians, is one of the greatest crimes of all times and marks the end of Greek civilization in Asia Minor.


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  1. Today is the anniversary of the battle of Lepanto, a crucial victory against Islam won in 1571. The 16th century saw Spain contend with the Turks for control of the Mediterranean. Had Spain’s leaders not been fired by a crusading zeal, animated by their faith and their own history of internal struggles against Mohammedanism, and had the Spanish empire not been receiving vast flows of wealth from its American possessions, the whole history of Europe could have turned out very differently. For much of this period, Spain was overmatched by the Ottomans. The Turks were in a position to seriously contemplate the invasion of Italy and even Spain itself, helped by the legions of conversos still in the country, Muslims who had faked conversion to Christianity to avoid expulsion. Lepanto was the battle that eliminated this threat.


  2. From about 1699 onwards, the mighty Ottoman Empire started to shrink. It was no longer fighting jihad aggressively but fighting for its own survival. It lost Greece in 1828 and most of the Balkans a few years later. Western powers were eating away at it and Muslims were facing more and more embarrassing defeats.
    Even when on its last legs, the Ottoman Empire, incapable of fighting any foreign powers, did what it did best, it preyed on the weak and vulnerable. Muslims will always attack the weak and vulnerable, miserable cowards that they are!
    First there was the Armenian genocide of 1915 and then the Ottoman swansong, Smyrna in 1922.
    Thankfully, this Turkish monstrosity collapsed in the following year.

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