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17 Replies to “Christian preacher in Scotland is approached by police.”

  1. Interesting approach…

    Egypt to take over banned Muslim Brotherhood assets (BBC, Oct 3, 2013)
    “Egypt’s government is moving to seize the assets of the Muslim Brotherhood after the group’s activities were banned amid a crackdown by authorities.

    It says it will also ban or take over the extensive social services the group provides – including hospitals, schools and charities.

    The ban came in a recent court ruling but has only now been confirmed following a hiatus for appeals.

    “By the law, by the last sentence, they are now banned,” an official said.

    Hani Mahanna, spokesman for the minister of social solidarity – the ministry responsible for administering the ban – said the cabinet had formed a committee to investigate the Brotherhood’s sources of funds and take over its assets.

    He said if charities were proven to have links, “direct or indirect, with the Muslim Brotherhood – whether educational or medical – they will be bound by the court’s decision, and the government will have to take them over.” …”

  2. Hello there…..its me again………….Don Laird…….

    How remarkable our police forces have become so spineless, so corrupt, so enamored with service to self, so adept at the commission of crimes and the breaking of laws that they themselves profess to enforce………how remarkable we now fear our police forces.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Now this is the thing. Whether you’re a Christian or not, whether you believe in God or not, you have to remember that all of Western society was built on Judeo-Christian principles. It was Christian fortitude that drove the Muslims out and prevented Islam from taking over Western Europe.
    Now ask yourself this question. Would this man have been arrested if he was a Muslim practising Dawah on the streets? If he was a Muslim preaching hatred would he have been stopped by the police? Somehow, I doubt it.
    This man said nothing that could be seen to condone hatred, violence or civil disobedience. He preached his word, but nothing that he said was unlawful, or incitive. He may have been annoying, but in free Western societies we have the right to freedom of speech. It takes courage and conviction to do what he did and the police had no right to insist that filming be stopped.
    Whether or not you think that this guy was a nauseating Bible-bashing idiot, you must realise that this is where it all starts. If they silence the Christians (one of the few groups of people in society who recognise Islam for the evil that it really is) then they can eventually silence all of us.
    It’s not just about this man and what he said, it’s about every single one of us. We all have a voice but we can still all be silenced.
    Buskers were exempt this time because nobody complained. But some day even the buskers will be silenced. Music is not pleasant to the ear of Islamic despots, and words are not pleasant too if it goes against what these evil fanatics believe in!
    This video is a warning to us all.

  4. What is interesting about this is if a shop keeper just came out to ask him to tone it down just a little rather then calling the police maybe this would have been resolved without the police.
    They could have asked him to walk up and down the walk way rather then stand still.

    Those that called the police were spineless.

    No, one can talk that loud for very long. They could have just let him finish

  5. Sorry, this guy is a nutter and he wanted to be arrested. I too am a Christian and I would find him annoying as I walked by going about my shopping. I do not think that the price we pay for freedom is someone yelling his version of Christianity at me as I walk by.

  6. Babs.. What is your version of Freedom?

    “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it.”–Abraham Lincoln

  7. Who cares if he is a nut?

    But let me take a guess at what your opinion is
    Freedom is in the security that you know the police are there to make sure others don’t bother you.

  8. I remember a group of black panthers were on the street at one of these shopping areas with a loud speaker telling everyone why all white people are raciest just because they are white and no other reason other then being white.

    I know for a fact that is plain and simple loony talk but a lot of people believe that crap and I have no right to tell them too stop other then not use a loud speaker but no one even did that to him.

    I seen shop keepers distressed not knowing what to do standing behind them.

    I just walked on.

    Babs what what you do if you seen this group of loony black people saying stuff like that?

  9. So I presume they will be making a swoop on Hyde Park Corner London this Week-end, there’s plenty of these People standing on their Soapboxes preaching to the crowds, was it maybe because there were only a couple of People who stopped to listen to what he had to say, we saw and heard what the Police said to him and his friend, “keep quiet, turn your Camera’s and recording equipment OFF”,…WHY????? only People who say this, are People who have something they don’t want to be heard, the guy seemed harmless enough, they way I see it is, you have a choice, you either believe him or you don’t, if you do – stay and listen, if you don’t be on your merry way,…problem solved.

  10. 1. Jesus is the Son of God
    2. Mohammed is a false prophet,
    3. the Muslim allah is not the God of the Jews and Christians.
    If a Christian cannot speak these phrases, then the West isn’t the West.

  11. We do not have a right not to be annoyed, the police were practicing a double standard that the left has worked hard to create, Christians are rapidly becoming proscribed people and their religion illegal.

  12. Another clear violation of free speech in Britain. A nation fast spiraling down the toilet of political correctness and cultural suicide. This is selective law enforcement and discrimination. The proper thing to do when someone complains is for the cops to carefully explain to that person that unless this preacher violates the laws, his free speech is to be upheld. Complaints alone, even if made by many persons, do not constitute violations in and of themselves. If that were so, we could complain that someone’s perfume is offensive, or that their skirt is too short, or their haircut sucks, and it would be off to jail with them. Of course anyone else could have stood next to the man and raised their own voice to contradict, scold, mock, or simply drown out what he was trying to say. Still no laws violated until someone either shoves of throws the first punch. And in case anyone thinks I support this man for religious reasons, I do not. I am secular agnostic and would have walked right past him without even pausing.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxEoLMfJNWU

    Let us hope the outcome is same as this one from 2010 where a British local council PSCO (Local council appointed police invented by the socialist labour party) feels offended by the Christian concept of sin and his interpretation of it in relation to sexual orientation.
    The police paid the price in cold hard cash for the arrest as can be seen below.

    Politically sanitized BBC version (no financial compensation mentioned)


    UNSANITIZED story from Daily Mail with compensation admitted ¬£7000……..


  14. Got to admit, he shouldn’t be allowed to stand in the street and bellow at everyone at those decibels.
    The issue here is, is the law being evenly enforced. You don’t do that by allowing everyone to break it, but by not allowing anyone to break it.
    There was a complaint made against him, (I’m not surprised), and so the police have to act.

    I suppose if I stood outside his church bellowing that Jesus was a deranged wanker, him and his congregation would be fine with that? They wouldn’t phone the police or anything?

  15. He should have shouted Allah U Akbar while decapitating a British soldier, then the increasingly spine-challenged police would have left him in peace and David CamOron would have called his religious zeal “peace loving”.

    Gosh, I know a police cannot be better than those who (mis)lead her, but I’m coming down with a severe case of contempt for the left-overs of a once proud vocation.


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