News links for Oct. 2 2013 – 4

1. It would appear that the ‘hoax’ bomb that shut down the Jacksonville Airport was set up by a Muslim and a registered democrat. (H/T Red)

2. When gay marriage was being argued, some opponents said that this would open the doors to polygamy. Advocates said they were different issues. Both are correct. It is a different issue, but once the definition of marriage becomes flexible, then its flexible.

3. BBC documentary on the attack of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi

4. I was waiting for the right thing to post on Obama closing a WW2 memorial even though no money is required or staff to allow people to visit it. It is so insidious that its hard to believe, although when you look at Barrack’s track record…  Anyway this appears to be the right thing to post on it.


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  1. #2: There was a video about the “Industry” of polygamy by muslim immigrants in Germany. Lucrative for the muslims, expensive for the German tax payers. Can’t find it right now.

    #4: he really dont like them American soldiers, Obama, does he!

  2. He hates all veterans and all active duty personal, and during the past 5 years he has driven all of our real good principled officers into retirement while keeping the people who will not oppose him in any way.

  3. 3/

    That’s a shade darker than many BBC offerings, at least until the last couple of minutes when the whole bucket of whitewash is tipped over the effort. The slaughter couldn’t possibly have anything to do with religion, Islam is a religion of peace and love etc.

  4. An interesting view of the shut down of the Fed Government

    Slimming plan

    Let us applaud sheer genius in those United States. With concealed but effective bipartisan consensus, the President & Congressmen have succeeded in the ultimate patriotic act: shutting down most of their counter-productive Government. True, there are messy bits in the arrangement. Obamacare has not been completely annihilated, & there is some confusion over national parks. But the attention to detail is otherwise superb. For instance, an arrangement was found to continue paying the military. This is wise, because unpaid soldiers can be trouble; as Harry Truman used to say, “Read your history.” And you may need them to discourage zeal in those less well armed.

    It is not really a shutdown, but a “slim-down,” according to the cooler heads. “Essential services,” including the goons who mind the borders, are left in place. There’s probably room for additional savings in Homeland Security & the like. But in broad outline it would seem the U.S. Government has been downsized to what it should have been all along, in a single brilliant stroke.

  5. “He shuts down the grocery stores on post but keeps his golf course open.” – Richard

    The king has no clothes the man is just a miscalculating, vain person.

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