News links for Sept. 27 2013 – 3

1. Iran unveils newest long distance attack drone.

It says the drone has a 24-hour non-stop flight capability, can carry eight bombs or missiles, and hit both fixed and moving targets.

(Is it just me or does this look a little hobbyist-RC-club sort of thing?)

2. Here is a rather excellent video from the World Anti-Islam organization:

(Thanks M) A second one is here

3. Calgary imam to Muslims: “Go home”

A prominent Calgary imam, Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, recently declared that many Muslims should go back to their Muslim-majority homelands.

It is against Islam, he said, for Muslims to migrate to non-Muslim countries for the purpose of economic betterment.

On his Facebook page, later relayed through the website Blazing Cat Fur, Imam Soharwardy wrote, “Muslims never migrated to non-Muslim countries for economic reasons, looking for good jobs and better life style. In fact, this is against Islam’s reasons for migration towards a non-Muslim country. Please go back.”

4. So what is this black ‘flag of jihad’ we saw being paraded around in New York on muslim day? The Blaze does a history of it.

5. Protestant Coalition founder Willie Fraser appears at court dressed as Abu Hamza – in protest at charges ‘intended to curb hate preachers’

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23 Replies to “News links for Sept. 27 2013 – 3”

  1. Well, fer fucks sakes!!!

    Dey got dat kat litter box bolted to the bottom of da plane!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. #2: Islam is just not cricket ! 😀
    #5: *thinking aloude mode*:

    Is this a CATHOLIC thing? a) the Pope snogging the feet of a muslims. b) The anti-Semitism combined with islamophilia seemingly very much increasing in the Catholic parts of Ireland and the Irish population…. My education was Catholic…yet I have watched for a while especially the Jew-hating element of this islamophilia spreading among the Irish – although it’s the first time that I see it spelled out in “catholic v. protestant” here.
    Good on the man who took on this effective disguise for calling things by their names!

  3. Asylum seekers drown on way to Australia

    Up to 70 asylum seekers are still missing, feared drowned, after their boat broke up and sank en route to Australia.

    At least 22 people have drowned and many are still missing after an asylum seeker boat sank off Indonesia.

    […]One of the passengers, a Lebanese< man, had reportedly lost his pregnant wife and eight children in the disaster.

  4. @ Martin……

    I have no sympathy…..none at all…….

    The message, with upturned collars and hardened hearts and brutal indifference is quite simply….


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  5. #1

    This drone probably won’t work. It looks like shit Muslim technology to me.
    If it does work it will only be because they stole the technology from the Americans in the first place. Typical Muslims, they can’t invent anything of their own, they can only steal ideas from other people – just like their disgusting, bed-wetting, thumb-sucking pirate prophet.
    They can’t think straight due to too much inbreeding and too much obsession with warped, perverted practises. It’s a case of too much sister-shagging and too much little boy buggering. These crackpots are all doomed. They are destined to be defeated!

    Fuck me! Can’t you tell that I really, really, really hate Islam.?.. What’s more, I hate it with a serious passion!

  6. A prominent Calgary imam, Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, recently declared that many Muslims should go back to their Muslim-majority homelands.

    It is against Islam, he said, for Muslims to migrate to non-Muslim countries for the purpose of economic betterment

    He is right. Around 5 years ago, a leading French imam said the same. The statement relies on several factors

    1. Muslims are allowed to emigrate to non-Muslim countries if there exists a good possibility that they can, with time, make the non-Muslim country adopt sharia as the legal code.

    2. If the possibility seems to be receding, then it is not acceptable that Muslims are subject to Infidel laws. The danger also exists that Muslim children, particularly Muslim girls, will start to leave Islam, under the legal protection afforded by them by the Infidel state. Thus immigration to a Infidel state starts to harm Islam – which is not acceptable.

    Such a state of affairs also starts to affect Muslim countries, where the young may get infected by their relatives visiting from the West.

    So far our policy after 9/11, has been to destabilise, and economically and socially destroy one Muslim country after another, using any pretext we get away with. As our own polity is increasingly wary of direct intervention, we have adopted the policy of supporting al Qaeda etal as a tool to do the same..

    This policy has come unstuck in Syria because Russia has interests in Syria. But I’m sure we will return to Syria in 5 to 10 years. The strategic policy adopted by the US and the UK, has a 50 year life span at the least, and will continue until Islamic countries are how should I put it, immunised to Islam.

    As long as our troops were in Muslim countries, we adopted the quite reasonable policy of appeasing Muslims at home, just to have peace at home. This was very evident in the US and the UK, who had the largest contingents of soldiers in Muslim countries. When our troops are back, a more vigorous policy is going to be adopted to Islam at home. This is already evident in the case of the “burqa” – France, Belgium, Italy, Ticino in Switzerland, and now even a debate in the UK.

  7. #4 In the video the guest says “we aren’t questioning the legality of waving this flag.”

    Yup. We shouldn’t question the legality. It’s illegal. It’s a declaration of war and a direct incitement to physical violence.

    But gorsh, whut about freedom of speach? Go stand on a street corner yelling “Let’s kill people!” I should hope you’d be arrested in about ten seconds.

    The people holding those flags, the members of their specific organization and the organizers of the parade all belong in prison. Literally.

    Yelling fire in a crowded movie theater is bad enough- waving this flag is telling people to start the fire in the first place.

  8. I should hope it’s obvious to everyone reading this that the above commenter can’t be the real Don Laird. Mr. Laird prefers to use his fingers to type rather than his forehead.

  9. Very rare that I find myself in full agreement with an imam. Maybe he could set an example and remove himself. However the lure of welfare is a far greater motivator than the words of this imam I fear.

  10. Hello there….its me again……Don Laird…..,.


    I am always amazed at the reaction of some in response to the self inflicted wounds of Muslims.

    This reaction runs a parallel to the reaction some, sometimes many, have when the reasonable solution of deportation, the only solution really, to the injurious presence of Muslims in our midst is put forth.

    The reaction is one of immediate round and wide eyes, hands fly to mouths, wind suckage vacuums out the room as everyone gasps a collective gasp of saccharin shock and horror, fashionable politically correct crocodile tears are squeezed out……..(cue the music tugging at heart strings…..) and the spluttering and coughing begins.

    My Dear Truth…….the reaction of hardened hearts and upturned collars to Muslim excess, to self inflicted Muslim wounds, to Muslim duplicity, to Muslim aggression, in any form, is well deserved and long overdue.

    Playing on the sentimentality and the spineless nature of western governments we have allowed Muslims, in keeping with their fundamentals, to bleed us dry, to make a mockery of the respect for all human rights we have in the West, to gouge and harry us with the gut wrenching perversion of our hard won constitutional human rights protections, twisting and contorting the same into weapons to be used against us in specious and vexatious actions designed to collapse our legal system, our culture and our society, and, with sneering ingratitude, whilst their mocking laughter rings in our ears, to bite the hands of generosity, welcome and hospitality we extended them and spit in our faces.

    The time for sentimentality, leniency and turning the other cheek is over.

    The time for realism and the implementation of an effective, expeditious solution to the Muslim question is at at hand, a solution that speaks of an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality.

    And who will do that Truth?


    You and others who, aside from making cutesy little anonymous comments on blogs, take others to task for speaking the truth, you who condemn others for working towards a solution to the injuries we suffer daily at the hands of Muslims, you who condemn others for taking a position of clarity and public exposure at great risk to themselves and their loved ones in order to resolve problems created by……….the thin skinned and sentimental……..ring a bell Truth?

    There is another word for sentimentality Truth…..more to the point and certainly one I prefer, it called “cowardice” and it, as a cancerous facet of the human condition of most Westerners, along with apathy, has wrought our current predicament…….and now…….when we are faced with the unpleasant task of resolving the Muslim question, we have the apathetic and cowardly offering hot winded hysterical criticism of those doing work they are loathe to.

    How rich.

    I take no pleasure in watching men, women and children drown, either through a newspaper account or through first hand experience.

    I know the agony and terror they feel as they go under time after time after time, as lungs fill with water, as they claw their way over each other to get to the surface, as the screams and pleas for help, unanswered pleas, ring in each others ears….as lungs tire, as bodies tire, as they slowly lose the fight, as they slip beneath the surface, as their bodies convulse and expire, as they are rendered little more than a macabre feast for sharks and crustaceans….

    And do you think I derive pleasure from their loss Truth?…….no………but I am not moved by their plight when they are put into that position by the very men, women and conniving, grasping Mullahs and Imams who placed them there as little more than pawns in the global game of Caliphate creation…….no Truth…….I am not moved at all…..and know this Truth….the faster the word gets out that we here in the West have turned a cold shoulder to their games, that we are no longer rolling over and inviting cultural sodomy, that we have become brutally indifferent to their pleas, that we have become brutal and unswerving in affecting a solution to the Muslim problem…..the sooner they will no longer entertain the requests for mass suicide made of them by their monstrous leaders……..regardless of how much hand-wringing and toe-turning the sentimental and cowardly do.

    Introspectively Truth…….what will you and the others do as close-ups are taken of crying women and children as they are dragged from homes upon serving arrest warrants?

    What will you and others do as Muslim men, in acts of Oscar winning Pallywood style, fall down on their knees and awash in rivers of crocodile tears, beg not to be deported? (when just last week they were at mosque praying for our deaths)

    What will you and other do as planes and ships are loaded with thousands of Muslims as they are returned to the Islamic country of their choice for the crimes of high treason and sedition, for their attempts to destroy all we have built, for their attempts to destroy all we cherish and all we stand for?

    What will you do Truth?……will you continue to make cutesy, snide, anonymous comments from the depths, safety and comfort of your armchair?

    In any case………you may whimper at the solutions, the inevitable solutions to the Muslim problem that looms large……..but if nothing else, have the intelligence and good manners to allow others to roll up their sleeves and do their jobs…….and in return for your silence…….we will allow you passage on our coattails.

    In closing, I could speak of all those, the few who pave the way for the many, of Flamme and Citron, of the Free French Forces, of Abba Kovner, of the rivers of rendered fat and foul oily smoke that were legions of Jews and objectors to a vicious little corporal……but I won’t…….and make no mistake I am not arrogant enough to include myself in that exclusive club in which membership is paid in the currency of flesh and bone and soul wrenching agony…….but I am a proponent of the truth, I am a proponent of tempering ones views and actions with reality, I am a proponent of full participation in the protection and preservation of that which birthed and nourished me…….I am a proponent of patriotism, regardless of cost, regardless of how fashionable or its palatability to the faint of heart.

    In closing, and please, think me not suffering an identity crisis, but I admire the words of Col Jessup as he responds to a sneering, arrogant little socialist liberal Leftist.

    Men with guns Truth………men with guns, standing a post and serving deportation orders.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  11. #1 There is no way that plane can fly for 24 hours with any type of weaponry on board, in fact it probably can’t fly more then 2 to 2 hours as is.

  12. The comments are extremely uncharictaristic and you dropped the F bomb which I’ve not seen you do before.

    You’re behaving like someone who’s dropping abnormally extreme comments in order to screengrab them and use them as evidence of something.

    Your responce is abnormally aggressive and confrontational and full of the kinds of personal jabs charictaristic of trolls trying to cause fights.

    The real Don would have explained himself without being so uncharacteristically aggressive.

    So no, I’m still not convinced you’re the real Don Laird.

  13. Truth, some stuff is best if you speed-read & just take the gist — but don’t take it personally. Even if you see your name, just figure it’s a rhetorical device & substitute a mental [sic]. _You_ contribute so much, & you know it.

    Don Laird’s got some wicked-good turns of phrase, including: “A woman [to a Muslim] is nothing more than a life support system for a vagina.” And as above: “cultural sodomy”.

    At “Gates of Vienna” he’s written tight, incisive, & memorable posts. I can just about see Dymphna laughing & blushing at the same time. Along with me.

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