News links for Sept. 27 2013 – 1

1. ‘Eyes gouged out, bodies hanging from hooks, and fingers removed with pliers’: Horrific claims of torture emerge as soldiers reveal gory Kenyan mall massacre details

  • Kenyan soldiers claim to find scenes of torture by mall terrorists

  • They say children found dead in food fridges with knives still in bodies

  • Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed

2. Egypt to ban Friday prayers in small mosques

Egypt to ban Friday prayers in small mosques
Egypt to ban Friday prayers in small mosques
The Religious Endowments Ministry is planning to ban weekly prayers at small mosques as of October 1. The move comes as part of a government crackdown on “unlicensed” mosque preachers and imams

3. Tunisia orders probe into photo of youth trampling Koran

Tunis (AFP) –  Tunisia’s Islamist-led government said Thursday it had ordered a probe and contacted Interpol after a young Tunisian living abroad posted a photo of himself on the Internet trampling on the Koran.

The interior ministry said a preliminary inquiry found that the photo, published on social networking sites, was taken “by a young Tunisian under 20 years old living in a European country.”

“Coordination with the public prosecutor was immediately established, a judicial inquiry on the subject opened and Interpol informed so that the necessary measures are taken,” it added.

(Interpol does blasphemy now?)

4. At least 17 die in Pakistan bus bomb

(In Pakistan, a day without carnage is like a day without Islam)

5. A devout Muslim who subjected his battered wife to a year of ‘hell’ after he terrorised her into wearing a veil has been jailed but may go free – in just eight weeks. […] Miah began beating her – initially because she was not smiling during Eid celebrations with family.
6. Pakistani Accused of Raping 30 Sheep

Thank you WrathofKhan, UK Pete and more

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13 Replies to “News links for Sept. 27 2013 – 1”

  1. #1. Quoteth David Camoron: “Nothing to do with islam”
    #2. Egypt is showing us a thing or two – they seem on the right way, we are not.
    #3. I remember not so long ago, when Tunesia was the most “civilised” country in the Maghreb.
    #6. I take it they were Kuffar sheep?

  2. #2 Egypt is trying to create a less violent version of Islam, I wish them luck.

    #6 The crime was not raping the sheep, it was raping another persons sheep.

  3. #6 I would like to know the socio economic background of the rapist. I’ll just hazard a guess right now that his crime is a result of the adoption of Islam.

  4. #1 We need pictures if these allegations are true.

    We need to hang these crimes against humanity around the necks of the guilty. The guilty are the followers of Islam.

  5. This barbarity beyond belief, will get little mention by the liberal MSM who still have a problem mentioning the affiliation, name, or religion, of the perpetrators of this mass murder and continuing pogrom against the ‘unholy’ and ;unclean’ Infidel.

  6. #1

    The thing is, the mainstream media and the government both really do think of us as dumb animals. They think that the only thing that matters is keeping us calm and contented and peaceful; they think the truth will upset us and make us produce sour milk or something. They are convinced that if the sheeple actually knew the extent and nature of the Islamic threat, that we would form into a howling mob and burn the place down, as we’re rushing out to hang every Muslim from a lamp post.

    They just know in their hearts that we cannot be trusted to make our own decisions so they keep the truth from us on a daily basis. They should have shown the beheading of Daniel Pearl, but they chose to gauze it out because it might make a few little girls cry and cause their parents to write angry letters to the networks. Can’t have that. Gutless Quislings. They’ll do the same thing with this Kenyan incident. They always, always run interference for the Muslims…

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