Convicted terrorist and jihadi in Syria declared a martyr by a Toronto mosque. Prayers requested.

Only CTV had the common sense and integrity to report this important component of this story. To be honest, I don’t care that he managed to get out of Canada and walk into Assad’s meat grinder in Syria. I wish all religious muslims that think as he does would do the same. But it is important that Canadians know, that a Toronto mosque would bestow the highest honour available in Islam on someone who spent time in jail for training and planning to do major terrorist attacks on Canada and her institutions, and was not just unrepentant, but then went on to fight jihad in Syria.

Is this news to readers of sites like this one? Of course not. We expect this would be the case. But the media as usual is doing the scrub down and that is unforgivable. Except for CTV. At least there is that.

(Thank you Grace for bringing this to my attention)

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  1. If, during World War II, they shot down a German plane and captured the pilot, would it make sense to try and sentence the guy with a criminal offense, then let him out in a few years after he’s served his time? Why are they being so stupid? Would the German pilot be any less of an enemy soldier after he’d served his time? Somebody probably died in Syria because some gutless Canadian judge let this murder machine out of jail instead of putting him away for the rest of his miserable life. This is so much like the dream where something is chasing you and you can’t move because your limbs are made of lead. Fight back, sheep!

  2. Hello there…….its me again……..Don Laird……..

    The fact is Ladies and Gentlemen we are allowing political correctness to blind us.

    Immigration from Muslim countries must be stopped.

    Many, a great many Muslims from countries like Somalia, routinely come to Canada to plot our destruction and overthrow. In Edmonton alone there is a massive problem, ignored by the Edmonton Police Service and the RCMP, of organized crime being run and committed by Somalian men, who when not committing crimes in Canada, routinely return to Somalia to receive weapons, explosives and military training from groups like Al Shabab and Boko Haram.

    But in spite of this evidence screaming that these Muslims hate us and have no place amongst us………we fail…….and we fail because our law enforcement agencies fail us…….we fail…..and we fail because our politicians and bureaucrats and judges and academia and Mainstream Media fail us.

    We need to stop immigration from Muslim countries.

    We need to begin a series of selective and large scale deportations of Muslims.

    We need to begin a vigorous program of racial profiling and immediately fire the duplicitous bastards like Chief Rod Knecht of the Edmonton Police Service when they ignore Muslim criminality and lick the boots of Muslim criminals…… Chief Rod Knecht of the Edmonton Police Service.

    (You remember Rod Knecht don’t you?……he’s the bumbling idiot who provided leadership and infrastructure for the four RCMP officers who were slaughtered at Mayerthorpe, Alberta…..the same bumbling Rod Knecht who went into a mind numbing array of contortions to avoid one shred of blame for the death of four of his subordinates to be placed on his shoulders……a true career minded, politically correct, promotion savvy, self serving, uber modern police bureaucrat…..a true RCMP commander………now old Rod is the Chief of the Edmonton Police Service…..which is why, after old Roddie took over, the Edmonton murder rate went through the roof)

    Back to the silly Somalians…….

    We need to come to our senses and realize that the Ali Mohamed Diries abound in the tens of thousands in Canada, they hate us with an unrivaled purity, they seek our deaths unswervingly and they walk amongst us unfettered and unchecked.

    We need to wake up.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. In the commentary it is stated that the pressing problem is how he got out of Canada.

    I would have thought the pressing problem is how did such people, and I mean Muslims, get in to Canada, or for that matter Western countries. What mindset is that that thinks that Muslims are moderate until they are not?

  4. The logic leading to deportation is as plain as runway lights on a small island in a clear sky on a dark night. But well-informed people circle around the issue as though the fuel will never run out.

    It’s a daunting idea. Simply getting enough Canadians to agree that deportation should be taken seriously would be a huge achievement. Everything is arrayed against it. Media, school curricula, academics, politicians, useful idiots, self-flagellating Anglican canons, our own sense of fair play, generosity, humanitarian instincts, etc. etc.

    The calamity in Europe will surely help, however it goes. If the Europeans act to save themselves in time, we have a positive role model. Otherwise they’ll provide a helpful illustration of the price of inaction.

    Meantime life in Canada is good, in most ways, for most people – materially and in terms of security and stability, about as good as life gets. Canadians can still coast on the sacrifices of the generations who actually knew what to do with downed Nazi pilots. It’s frustrating but understandable. No forgiveness for the media though.

  5. Don C.

    “The logic leading to deportation is as plain as runway lights on a small island in a clear sky on a dark night. But well-informed people circle around the issue as though the fuel will never run out.”

    Your write up sounds like an IQ test to find highly defective people.

  6. Blue –

    May have tortured some metaphor. I had in mind responses like Bonnie’s of Bare Naked Islam to Don Laird’s call on the Red Fox radio show a few nights ago. She wouldn’t consider the idea of deportation, but ultimately couldn’t suggest an alternative, at least that I heard. And nothing at all against Bonnie, I think I understand her position. But then the argument just goes around in a circle, the dire nature of the problem leading by force of reason to an extreme solution, which we recoil from, naturally, rightly, but that just sends us back to the problem.

    The problem of course being that Islam is showing no sign, none I’ve noticed, that it’s undergoing the kind of transformation that would stop it being a lethal danger to Western countries. Which if it did undergo, it would no longer be Islam. The clock ticks, meantime, and it does seem as if common sense is losing the battle.

    American Freedom Defense Initiative has that 18-point platform that stops short of full-scale deportation, but that if ever implemented would probably end in it, or in something like civil war. I think Daniel Pipes came up with a similar list of conditions.

  7. Hello all……its me again…..

    @ Don C

    @ Blue

    Listen to the the radio segment again Don C…..Bonnie simply dismissed the idea of deportation as unworkable.

    Later she follwed that with her comment regarding a one-way ticket.

    Bonni and many others fully support the concept of deportation in principal but feel the task is impossible and make references to existing constitutional protections.

    I have a better idea.

    I will see deportation implemented in North America, whether that is largely a personal achievement or simply my ideas and suggestions being followed by the powers that be. In case, no matter who is responsible, the end result of a selective and large scale program of deportation is the goal.

    In spite of the Canadian Charter, we currently have existing legislation that forms a partial foundation from which to build the legal and legislative framework with which to trigger the production of a variety of legal and legislative mechanisms used to remove Muslims. Mechanisms such as search seizure, arrest, incarceration and deportation warrants.

    The process would be held in front of a series of country wide quasi-judicial tribunals. The cost would be wrought from the liquidation of the arrestee’s assets with the remainder of assets after conviction and deportation to be put into a fund for military widows, a scholarship fund for sons and daughters of dead service men and victims of Muslim terrorism.

    Guilt by association would be a factor in determining deportees. For example the entire Khadr family would be deported with up to 5 degrees of association in bloodlines and relations would go as well. In effect, using the same principal as used for the amputation of a gangerous limb, the amputation and cut takes place well above the infection at the next joint.

    We also have a very serious problem with the existing complicity of the judiciary and the legal industry who, wrapped in the robes of altruistic defense of democratic freedoms, engae in little more than high treason and sedition in their defense of terrorists like Omar Khadr. But rest assured there is a solution for treason as well.

    Finally, I am working towards spreading the idea and concept of deportation and this has been readily accepted by many I speak to.

    Yesterday I spoke to a business man for over 2 hours. Initially he was very reluctant to support deportation. After an analysis of Islam and Muslims, after an analysis of the same Muslims in Canada, after a look at the internment camps of WW 1 and WW 2, he agreed that selective and large scale deportation will and can work and is the only reasonable solution. At the conclusion of the meeting I was stunned to have his offer of financial support once we formally organize under one banner.

    And yes… my detractors he is well aware I am “known to the RCMP” as a result of my political activities.

    So, support me…..and support M.A.I.D….


    Give me or us, what we require to create the infrastructure,understand that public opinion is absolutely no obstacle whatsoever. Yes, we will encounter resistance from the Mainstream Media and the entrenched powers that be that support murderers but the support these groups have now is quickly erroding.

    Feed the movement, support the movement in nay way you can. From a simple letter mailed, to a series of faxes to a small financial donation,it will all work.

    Briefly. My resume is irrelevant but know this, about 20 years ago, in relation to outrageous and borderline criminal behavior of commercial vehicle inspectoras and some RCMP officers in British Columbia I formed a group to address those concerns. I held individual meetings and town-hall style meetings. And inspite of efforts to paint me as a criminal in relation to the incident I was involved in that gave rise to the requests I received to form a group, I was very successful. In less than a year we gather almost 1500 members accounting for over 2000 tractor-trailers.

    I can do this again, we can do this again, we will do this again.

    Count on it.

    So, worry not about public opinion, just support, administratively, logistically , morally and operationally the process to remove from our midst those who seek our subjagation and or annihilation.

    I will see this come to fruition, mark my words.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  8. I just don’t understand why so much of the immigrants resort to violence. They immigrate to Canada and then conspire to kill our members of parliment, why do you bother coming here,if you don’t want a better life just stay there.

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