News links for Sept. 25 2013 – 3

1. Ten Britons dead in mall carnage: Death toll could hit 130 as soldiers find bodies in collapsed complex

2. British hero of the mall massacre: Ex Royal Marine with a handgun saved 100 lives as terrorists ran amok (I wonder how long till they arrest him for having a gun. It does show how armed victims can turn things like this around fast though)

3. Theft of US weapons in Libya involved hundreds of guns, sources say

EXCLUSIVE: The recent theft of massive amounts of highly sensitive U.S. military equipment from Libya is far worse than previously thought, Fox News has learned, with raiders swiping hundreds of weapons that are now in the hands of militia groups aligned with terror organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood. (Video at site)

4. The CBC manages to find a guest who manages to blame Canada and the US (before Obama of course) for the carnage in Kenya.

5. Some good news at least: ‘Toronto 18’ member Ali Mohamed Dirie reportedly died in Syria (But I thought these were just kids on a lark and could never really do anything antisocial. Just ask the CBC)

Dirie was convicted of smuggling weapons for the group, which had planned a violent assault that included blowing up the CBC, CSIS and Parliament buildings, executing the prime minister and taking MPs hostage. But the Islamic extremist cell was thwarted after a series of raids in June and August of 2006.

6. Is it time to talk Canadian values? Oped Toronto Sun

Canadians. Please read this. This is beyond a joke with these guys. Current and future policy makers of Canada.


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  1. 4/ “The CBC manages to find a guest who manages to blame Canada and the US (before Obama of course) for the carnage in Kenya.”

    No improving on that, but here are some ugly details:

    First up is Somalia-born Abdi Samatar, President of the African Studies Association and a geography prof. at the U of Minnesota.

    According to Prof. Samatar, the West’s golden missed opportunity, 6 years ago, Canada included, was to marginalize Al-Shabab by engaging seriously with the “quite diverse” Union of Islamic Courts.

    “Mostly religious folks… quite unsavory” some of them, it has to be said. “Rogue individuals.” “Rogue communities.”

    But, according to Prof. Samatar, “There are a variety of interpretations of the shariah, all of them Islamic.”

    “Because of the Western fear of the Islamic courts, because of the Western fear of the sort-of-the Islam in that phrase, that reaction actually spurred a more radical Islamic group to go further,” says the interviewer.

    “Al-Shabab began to get traction from thereafter,” says Prof. Samatar

    Next is a Canadian journalist “normally based in southern Turkey” named Adnan Khan.

    Adnan R. Khan is the author of a vomitous article in the Globe & Mail in April of this year that includes the rhetorical question, “How did a fringe group of fanatics become the poster boys for a religion of more than a billion people?”

    His answer: It’s partly the media’s fault (“jihadists are a good story in our fast-paced information age”).

    However, “Muslims themselves are largely to blame” due to “an overarching malaise in Muslim thought” that has “allowed a small, inherently marginalized group to hijack” the narrative.

    Adnan Khan says Democracy is Coming to Somalia (and everywhere else in the ummah).

    It’s our fault for not engaging. We stunt the process.

    Finally, Zuhdi Jasser tells Adnan Khan he’s full of sh*t. I guess having the other two on provides “balance.”

  2. 6/ An appalling complication in all this is the niceness of a lot of Muslims. Canadians know those friendly Muslim neighbors Robert Spencer often brings up in his talks, who are living proof that there is no threat from Islam. You even get Canadians who have lived and worked for years in Muslim countries in the Middle East or elsewhere returning to Canada with reassurances for family and friends that the problem with Islam is greatly exaggerated. It plays to the indoctrination and to our native courtesy and fair-mindedness.

    The nice Muslims are nice until they’re not getting their way, and then you get glimpses of Mr. Hyde. In Canada it seems they are very much getting their way, thanks in part to politicians like Trudeau and Kenney, so the real dimensions of the problem are still obscured. Nonetheless, a lot of Canadians have recognized the danger.

    Even as recently as 2006, when things blew up around the Danish cartoons, it wasn’t obvious to many of us where to look for reliable information about the real nature of Islam. Now there are solid resources like this one a click away. As the man said, the signal will get out.

  3. Given the how the CBC feels (story #4), if the Toronto 18 actually got the CBC, might it not be a good thing?

    The average IQ of Canadians would go up and the brainwashers would not be around.

  4. Multi culturalism cannot exist.

    Being of German ancestry in great part, we have different traditions. We put Christmas trees up on Christmas eve and take them down January 6th. That is not how most Americans do it. But that would fall under multiculturalism. It is also innocuous.

    Consider this. We are use to women wearing halter tops in the summer. Part of our generic American, Canadian, Western culture is that you do not hassle these women. Now some men do. they have various justifications or they simply think they can get away without. But overall in a a large group discussion or a court, the opinion of the large majority of the people would be that it would be wrong to hassle women wearing such clothing.

    But have women wearing halter tops around Muslims and it comes much more problematic. In their culture the women are view as loose, evil and causing problems. These women would be sanctioned by the Islamic law. It is a different culture and the two cannot exist side by side. And yet they do. We have seen the results. Catcalls.Indecent propositions, acid attacks, etc. There is the tape of the Belgian women showing her being harassed by recent and not so recent immigrants.

    These are 2 cultures side by side and you could say it is mutli-culturalism and it exists. And yet one or the other culture has to give way and is in fact giving way.

    Multi-culturalists deny this or secretly wish this. Multi-culturalist have to be engaged in debate and defeated.

  5. “But the Islamic extremist cell was thwarted after a series of raids in June and August of 2006.

    Dirie was arrested and became linked with the other 17 arrested before the attacks could be carried out.

    He pleaded guilty in 2009 and was given credit of five years in pre-trial custody.”

    How do you get 5 years credit for being in jail waiting for trial for 3 years?

  6. Eeyore
    “I wonder how long till they arrest him for having a gun.”

    January 2013 the political operative Stephanopoulas, who is undercover as a journalist, laid in wait for Marco Rubio. He asked him about abortion at a time, when there are no abortion cases before the Supreme Court. Abortion is always an issue, but there are always a lot of issues that are contentious but are not in the limelight because others are stealing it. So why ask about it? There will be 18 months worth of chances in the months before the the 2106 election.

    So liberal politicians and liberal journalists should be asked

    “If they think this ex-marine should be arrested for having a gun”.

    If they refuse to answer yes or no, they should be escorted from the studio. They should not be escorted by armed guards. They should be asked to leave because they are lying and contributing nothing to public discourse. the staff f t the news studio can cut away to another anchor and to another studio until the rightfully embarrassed liberal voluntarily decamps.

  7. Richard,

    #2 If you are right there should be a counter suit and a full court press in the media to defeat people who would arrest him. they must be relegated to Speakers Corner.

    Who would do it, the Kenyan authorities? I think they appreciate him. The Presidents nephew died. I do not think the Kenyan President is going to listen to some timorous idiot unless that idiot be the American president Obama and then only while he is in office.

  8. Private ownership of firearms is tightly controlled all across Africa, thus anyone using a firearm in self defense is in massive danger of arrest.

  9. RE; # 2 The feckless fools in our government (USA) have stated that a mass shooting like Kenya could happen here. Then why may I ask are they in such a rush to disarm all of us? Armed citizens kept the death toll from escalating. As I have stated before the police cannot be everywhere, or prepare for every situation. Although the MSM rarely reports it responsible citizens in concealed carry states have thwarted of neutralized many a situation. Many mass shootings happen in” Gun Free Zones” and the perpetrators are well aware of this fact.

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