News links for Sept. 23 2013 – 4

1. UN Watch exposes how leftists working within the UN operate. A sociopathic level of flagrant deception. 

(Ziegler receiving the prize he swore for 11 years he never got and never went to the ceremony)

2. Ezra Levant speaks on terror in the Islamic world this weekend.

3. Egypt court bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities

(Reuters) – An Egyptian court on Monday banned the Muslim Brotherhood from carrying out any activities in the country and ordered the seizure of the group’s funds, widening a campaign to debilitate the Islamist movement of deposed President Mohamed Mursi.

4. Honor Killing. Indian woman and boyfriend tortured, beheaded and burned by own family. This is Honor?

5. I have been listening to the news on CFRA just now, which I think plays a feed from CTV News. They have already started to scrub the Islam out of the attack, being careful to call them militants or criminals and one person on scene saying that the attackers “asked questions” and neglecting to say which ones. These are truly messed up times. If anyone knows how to make hats out of tin foil, its a sellers market.

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  1. #2

    Brent Butt is probably just a nice-enough guy who simply wants to live his daily life without being persecuted by anyone. He’s also just smart enough to know that if he goes around talking about the Islamic threat, nice people like Peter Mansbridge and Dawna Friesen won’t like him anymore, So he jumps on the convenient, “all religions are equally bad” position, in the hopes that none of the smart-big-word people will rip his guts out. Poor dumb slob…

    That’s the basic threat of the left. ‘Disagree with us and you are no longer “our kind of people” – in fact, you are dead to us.’ They excommunicate you and then send you to Coventry, and If the left were to stop liking Brent Butt, he would soon be driving a taxi…

    Try to imagine what your chances of being given tenure at a university with an, “I love Rush Limbaugh and I don’t believe in global warming” button on your chest – right? Disobeying the rules of political correctness can completely destroy your life. It’s a big deal. Brent is in fear for his life – literally…

  2. *your chances of being given tenure at a university with an, “I love Rush Limbaugh and I don’t believe in global warming” button on your chest*


  3. Robert Heinlein did call these times the Crazy Times in his sci-fi books. By that he meant the 1960s. He called it a time of Mass Psychosis. The Children of the 60s are now impositions of power and have groomed succeeding generations. documents many parts of The Children of the 60’s (the left) psychosis.

    So yeah, ZERO!

  4. 2. funny, I had the same argument with 4 people on line in voice chat that went on for over an hour. I was the only one that seems to recognize the difference

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