US police man assaults a citizen asking a question about school policy and the citizen is charged with assault.

I don’t understand the issue here at all. I have no clue what the policy is that has this man upset. But I do know that police have to obey they same laws we all do, and do not have the right to manhandle someone especially if they have not even given them the courtesy of arresting them first. The Blaze has more on this here. 

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5 Replies to “US police man assaults a citizen asking a question about school policy and the citizen is charged with assault.”

  1. I’m expecting Obama “this could have been me” to approve of the physical attack by the black man on the white man. I have not seen the white man “attacking” the black man.

    America – is that You?

    It seems a small matter – but it’s pretty fundamental and should not be let go!

  2. This is typical,even in the face of unreasonable force,the sheep just sit,why were only two women willing to defend this mans right to ask embarrassing questions?a school issue is hardly going to set the world on fire,where is the sense of proportion,?

  3. The audio component of the video is horrible.

    When the policeman shows his badge what are you should obey his instructions. Except the school board knows this. So a person asks a straight forward question and they reply with a “nonanswer” answer. Rinse & Repeat a few times. The meeting referees, the school board know in the back of their minds that if they do not like where the conversation is going even if it is a truthful one all the have to do is STONEWALL. If a parent vents any frustration such as raising they voice 5 decibels or repeats their question or than twice, they know that they can direct or a officer has been instructed to remove the person.

    That is the game Stonewall, lie and wait for someone to become persistent or exasperated. Then the police men swoop in.

    If the person becomes more than exasperated and get s histrionic, BINGO you won the lottery.

  4. If what the parent, Mr Small, said was correct, Common Core strikes me as elitism.

    If they are preparing kids for Community college and not 4 year college, then they are limiting the social mobility of vast swathes of America. If progressives do not care about social mobility, they are in effect saying they do not care about equality, their holy grail.

    Fortune 500 companies virtual select people straight out of college for upper management, based on their looks, charisma, academic achievement and school. They still have to perform well for the most part but it is an unequal opportunity. For one even if you get an MBA 10 years later and have a high academic standing it does not count as much as if you got it earlier. Age discrimination is alive and well and is not part of class or color discrimination. You could defeat those two and ageism would still exist.

  5. Rita the left has spent decades conditioning the public not to react when the police violate the law.

    Blue the left wants to become the Royals and Nobles in a new feudal society, one that has all of us as serfs. Never forget this.

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