News links for Sept. 22 2013 – 1

1. So far, eight british children have killed themselves due to people conning them into doing sexual things in front of a web cam, then blackmailing their parents. It seems quite organized.

2. Egypt: Man tries to set woman on fire over ringtone

Cairo: An Egyptian Islamist has attempted to set his fellow employee on fire after she angered him by programming a pro-army ringtone in her mobile phone, said police on Saturday.

3. Interview with Christian Feminist on Islam. (First video is mostly in Danish but there are naked women in it) and then the interview is all in English. Part 2 is mostly English)

H/T Snaphanen.Dk

4. This should be of very large concern to all of us. When a taxpayer funded state mouthpiece becomes this blatantly partizan, democracy is under very real threat. Canada’s CBC has been caught numerous times tilting the scales against the conservatives and this BBC stunt would likely be illegal in Canada, and probably in the UK as well.

BBC gives Nigel Farage of the UKIP party a Hitler Mustache. Claims its a tech error.

5. JIhad T shirt kid’s mom and uncle convicted and fined 

6.UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom busts a reporter for his disgusting racism. It is about damn time we called racism where it really is, and not where it is just convenient for leftists.

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  1. #6 The reporters may or may not have had points but it’s plain to see that they saw themselves as political assassins using superficial things for ammunition. Neither reporter asked the person anything of substance.

    It makes The Thick of It lool less like the satire that it is.

    If they had put black people on the cover (and I’ve no idea what the image was of or where it was taken) the reporter would have accused him of sticking them in just for the sake of the picture and asked him if they really represented yada yada yada.

    The purpose was to paint UKIP as a racist party like the BNP, so “minorities” (there are no minorities – they’re all British and there is no sustantive racism in the UK) and nice minded people would not join or vote for them. The reporter is in this way acting as an agent of a political party.

    I gotta say the more I see of british press the more I respect the press of my own country. And pretty much every other country as well.

  2. #3

    “So how can they pose an actual threat to the continent, to our culture, to our heritage?”
    “Well they sort of keep trying to blow you up…”

    Very sensible, hadn’t expected that. Wikipedia says Weldon serves with Daniel Pipes on the board of the Danish Press Freedom Society. I don’t have her confidence though that equal pay for equal work will revolutionize Islamic societies and fix what’s wrong.

    The interviewer could spontaneously combust with no loss to journalism or humanity.

  3. Never mind the T-shirt, this woman and her brother and the little baby “Jihad”, are all enemy soldiers and should be given the option of either leaving the country, or reporting to a humane but secure POW facility. Let’s face it. If this woman saw a Muslim terrorist putting a bomb in a trash can, she wouldn’t call the police. She called her son, “Jihad” – she wouldn’t call the police. She is an enemy soldier. Lock her up or throw her out- it’s nothing personal.

    It’s the same with all the big-beards dancing around pointing at the sky and saying “Allahu Akbar” at demonstrations. It’s the same with anybody chanting, “Khybar, Khybar, oh, you Jews”. That’s an enemy soldier just as surely as a guy putting his hand up and saying “Heil Hitler!” back in 1942.. We have to stop seeing defeat as an option we take the minute the going starts to get uncomfortable. Enemy soldiers belong in POW camps – it’s that simple…

  4. #3 i disagree with her that as soon as you give women economic power they will reform the men.

    I read that when Germanic society practiced horticulture, women were valued or valued more. when the society subsequently evolved and practiced agriculture women were devalued. In horticulture women did most of the work (calories) whereas in agriculture men did most of the work. Thus the difference in valuation in society.

    I do think it is true that in horticultural societies women tend to have higher value (compare similar Amerind societies) than in agricultural societies. But I do not think it is causation. or that they are not other factors.

    In agricultural societies you might have higher population densities and more population pressure. With such pressure comes warfare. When there is war men are more highly valued.

    German society shifted to a less egalitarian society as warfare became more continuous or so I have read. By the time of the migration period a woman was valued by the # of children she had. If the woman’s children (read male) had status, then she had status.

    My beef is that you cannot have economic power simply by earning a lot of money. Gypsy men run their women more or less like pimps. In that case the women earn, the men take,Where does that leave economic power translates to equality?

  5. I think she just threw that “money/family” thing at him to get him off her case. This is tactical.
    She’s already said flat-out: Islam is bad news, even in small doses. He’s daring her to put too fine a point on it, to be more offensive than she choses to be, so she lobs a sterling old cliche about education & money & whatever. He’s such a jerk.

    I like her writing, never knew she was a “feminist”. It’s just a shame more prominent feminists haven’t openly condemned Islam for misogyny, if no for other reason.

  6. #6 Offense way better than defense: “Shame on you, you Racist. Judging on skin color, not people!” Throws the pack off stride. I was sure he’d start laughing & ruin it, but he played it well.

  7. Number 4, the politics of personal destruction has been exported to Britain.

    Britain is rapidly becoming a dictatorship, but so is the US, the entire west is in danger of losing the freedom it took us Centuries to get.

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