News links for Sept. 18 2013 – 3

1. released Guantanamo inmate dies fighting jihad in Syria

2. Muslim Brotherhood Official, Former Clinton Foundation Employee Arrested

(No penetration of US gov’t by Ikhwan at all. No sirree Abdul)

3.The silence of secularists: how the Left-Islamist alliance is winning

4. More than 1,500 women victims of genital mutiliation in shock statistics compiled by ONE hospital… and most are from Somalia

at least 11 of the victims were born in Britain

5. Contentious Turkish mosque project stirs sectarian unrest

Reuters) – Billed as a symbol of peace between two faiths, a new place of worship has turned a poor suburb of Ankara into a battleground and exposed wider sectarian tensions within Turkey.

6.  Bogus Nelson taxi driver jailed for sexual assault

Tassawar Shah, 28, had got on top of the victim and pinned her down after going down an alley instead of taking her to her home in Padiham.

Thank you EDL Buck, UK Pete, Tundra T, Fjordman and M and many others who have been sending material in today.

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  1. #6 – Bogus Nelson taxi driver: the link is to the Lancashire Telegraph newspaper, which seems to be full of reports of rapes/sexual assaults committed by Muslim men, in the old industrial towns of the North of England such as Nelson and Burnley. Such reports are so frequent now, it feels like an epidemic – however, there is a danger that the public will become so accustomed to such things that the events themselves lose their ‘shock’ value. What would once (not that long ago) have been front page news on the national newspapers is now given much less prominence.
    I used to live in one of these post-industrial Northern towns: the townsfolk were poor, but ‘respectable’ . Heaven help those people now.

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