Kindness is not a Muslim virtue

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First published on Dispatch International


If the subject of this article had been similarities between Buddhism and Islam, it would have stopped right here.

Except that both are listed as religions, they are totally different in their thinking, approach, values, goals and behavior throughout history. Their view of the human being and the meaning of an exemplary life could not be more different.

Let us begin with Buddhism’s guiding views and the examples it has set. Buddhism ­ as scientists have proven through their experiments ­teaches that space is information and that all beings are therefore holders of truth and can enter the blissful states of liberation and final enlightenment, also called Buddhahood. It is based on experience, analysis and free choice and proves that perfection is our deepest and timeless nature and that it can be reached by all.

The steps towards that state begin with the realization that which constantly changes cannot be a real ”me” or self. Adopting this view may at first feel like falling into a black hole but is actually the best of liberating news:

As the only lasting, timeless and all-pervasive quality is the space-awareness of our experiencing mind, life is a gift. Mind is not ”something” but indestructible and conscious space. It has not been created or born and its naked awareness is timeless and can be totally relied upon.
This means that everyone is a potential Buddha and can attain perfection. The first result of this insight is called liberation. Upon this follows the second step ­– the rejection of materialism and nihilism.

Buddha expressed it like this:

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form, form and emptiness cannot be separated ­– a view proven by advanced science today. With this second veil removed, enlightent ­ mind’s all-seeing compassionate and blissful expression through body, speech and mind ­ has been reached, working throughout history for the benefit of all.

The word Islam is Arabic and means submission. It represents the complete and total opposite to any teachings of responsibility for others and enlightenment for the benefit of all.
There are also persistent questions about the origins of Buddhism and Islam. While the life of the Buddha Sakyamuni Gautama is historically proven by sources from his own time, there are no contemporary sources confirming Muhammed’s existence.

Sakyamuni Gautama was born 2601 years ago at Lumbini in what is today south-central Nepal, grew up and reached enlightenment at the age of 35 in today’s northern India. He taught there till he died at the age of 80.

Ultimately important, however, must be what religious teachers have contributed to happiness or pain throughout history. Till this day Muslims consider it necessary to kill thousands in order to uphold the teachings of Islam. Such behavior is seen as righteous and a way to please and imitate their prophet.

Throughout history Buddhists have been only too willing to look away from such abuse, trust in the basic good nature of other cultures and give them the benefit of any possible doubt. Mohammed personally killed a great number of people and had others executed.
Buddha warned against harming even the smallest insect and taught the laws of Karma to discourage harmful activity and protect both sides in a conflict. Although trained as an elite soldier up to his 29th year, we hear of nothing violent from him.

The general Buddhist aim, the development of mind’s potential, calls for functioning societies with free speech and little violence. That all beings are potentially Buddhas and should be aided in recognizing this great bliss and freedom has however historically created dangerously unprotected societies ­– often with fatal consequences. From year 800 and till the burning of the great Buddhist university in Nalanda in 1193, Muslim invasions of unprotected Buddhist societies is estimated to have cost the lives of 80 million people and massive destruction of culture.

Towns in the path of the conquering Turkish or Arabian forces were given a choice: If you convert to Islam today, you will live, if not half will be killed and the rest sold as slaves. Worldwide, Islam is credited with the killing over 270 million non-Muslims over 1400 years.

Kindness is not a Muslim virtue ­but regarded as a sign of weakness.
(The author is a prominent religious leader and in keeping with Buddhist
tradition does not want to be associated with current political conflicts.)

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10 Replies to “Kindness is not a Muslim virtue”

  1. “Kindness is not a Muslim virtue ­but regarded as a sign of weakness”. Because Islamic children are brutalized.

    But then the Religion of Socialists have Chantels raised by single mums and their latest boyfriend holding a government certificate saying he was free from HIV with no know criminal record and wears a white ribbon to say he would never hit a woman. Prostitution got legit.

    First the Mohammedans tear up the Buddhist countries and then the Communists and now the Muslims Ride Again. What is a Buddhist to do? Right to Left to Right. How do you immunize populations from such shallow and depraved kingdoms? Because thousands of years of enlightenment ain’t workin’.

    Education – dumbed down
    Entertainment – dumbed down
    Literature – dumbed down
    Music – dumbed down
    Religion – dumbed down

    Internet -still open. Just.

    Buddhism – dumbed down with look alike, sound alike, Ohm alikes. Reincarnation should have been left behind for the Hindus to play with. Steps to enlightenment by reduction of attachment? No, all you need is objectivity. Escaping into your dark hut for hours may make the next day seem brighter, but it’s just you burning your finger and putting it in cold water to enjoy the soothing after effects. If things don’t go your way, set yourself alight in protest.
    And it is really too rich to be venerated for starving yourself.

    But luckily, a Klingon is still a Klingon, and the religion of Mohammad is witnessed by everyone. And yet people still join it. What’s that about?

    Well, quite simply, they lie about themselves and kill those who disagree.

    It’s the ‘safety in numbers’ herd thing. A population shifts to the most dominant aggressor. The Civil Rights outrage, The Feminist outrage, Gay out rage, the Muslim outrage: the outrage that outrages all outrages. Your friends joined every one, got the bracelets, and kinda acknowledge deep-down it is all due to White Privilege. Somehow you agree if someone is upset enough it must be your fault and you should fix it for them. Somehow that meme got placed into the general population and the Communists again may lose the show to a new dictatorship of their making and this time with no America to stop them.

    I’ve bought my prayer mat just in case.

  2. I appreciate the spirit of the article, but there is a problem in speaking in such broad generalities about Buddhism. The religion has a long history and has traveled a lot, and in some of its forms is quite different from the Buddhism described here.

    perfectchild –

    I agree with some of that, but you might want to recognize that properly speaking meditation isn’t escaping into your dark hut, it’s stilling the mind to become more objective about your mental processes. It’s a useful practice, and I’ve noticed a lot smart, engaged people do something like it whether they call it meditation or not.

    Also, Buddhism hasn’t everywhere or at all times been a matter of dumbing things down. There is a history of development of critical thinking in Buddhism that more or less parallels its development in the West. Not worth throwing out the baby with the bath water, especially when so many Buddhists are natural allies in the fight against Islam.

  3. Hi Don C

    There was a cat scan study done on Buddhist Monk’s meditating brains that showed their left frontal cortex was engaged but when out of the zone reverted back to their right frontal lobe perception. The euphoria of getting closer to nirvana did not last, requiring longer and longer sessions to get the ‘hit’.

    You can remove the symptoms of an illness, like the attachment to emotions, by developing the left brain hemisphere and denying sensory contact for the right brain. The left brained, like those with austism, are thus dispassionate about their decision-making. This ability to decide on the truth and not be showered with wider social issues, allows for self immolation and a shrug that millions just got killed. It is all about karma. This reduced reasoning has explained why rocket technology did not come from the far east. They are getting to the Buddha by illegal means. But hey, Christianity had done a good job by clapping away Jesus’ teachings from their religion with the emphasis that faith alone without objectivity saved the day. It was the Renaissance, real enlightenment, that brought us out of the twilight zone.

    Starvation-meditation has the same effect as curing gluttony via a lifetime-regime of an athlete. It works – as long as you don’t stop. Backsliding? More religion will cure it.

    My point is, dissociation is not the answer to anything.

    To the Muslim – You don’t need an outside Allah to dictate to you, as god is in you, so you may live your life as a free person – if they don’t kill you.
    To the Buddhist – Karma is in you – you make your own happiness and deal with misfortune properly by not running away from the resentment – if they don’t ostracize you wishing you neither dead or alive.
    To the Socialist – you make your own life, not someone carry it for you. Equality is envy. Spread your wings, start a new business, if they don’t deprive you of your wealth.
    To the Homosexual – what you get into you have to get out of, or you’ll spend your whole life desperately unhappy needing someone to love you. You don’t be slave to an imprint anymore – if they don’t kill you for escaping them.

    Be careful then that a competitor to Islam for the title of Purest state of Unconscious Mankind, is not your friend and sits alone with your children. The West did this and allowed Communism to infiltrate their countries and seed them with the Joy of Hate. Because hate makes you avoid it, to avoid pain and embrace a new religion-of-peace consciousness, and thus is a way to take over every person’s mind and invent new systems of intrigue that will keep them occupied for life.

    Be an American Patriot of old and get some cojones. We’ll need them.

  4. Hello perfectchild,

    I can’t pretend to understand everything you’ve said here. The left/right brain study is interesting. This addiction to hits of nirvana is something I’ve heard Buddhists talk about, eg Robert Thurman (one of the lectures in his Jewel Tree of Tibet series and other places). It’s discussed as an undesirable result or a stage to get past. But I’m sure a lot of meditators don’t and their Buddhism is solipsistic and self-indulgent, which is often the impression I’ve had of European and North American Buddhists.

    The self-immolating Tibetan Buddhists appear to be responding to a very definite wider social issue with which they are bitterly well-acquainted. I don’t condone their suicides but it is a cut above blowing yourself up in a restaurant.

    I’m supposing the article is by Wirathu. For a cojone-less Buddhist he’s done quite a lot to mobilize the Burmese in their campaign against the Rohingya and more broadly Islam. Though the Burmese Buddhists were well-informed about Islam to begin with. In my experience it’s easier to talk about the realities of Islam with Burmese than with most North Americans. They haven’t been brainwashed (or not about Islam) and they have longer historical memory.

    I’m not sure what you mean by your advice to the Buddhist. Buddhism already teaches that karma is within you, you’re responsible for your own happiness and you shouldn’t run away from resentment. And who does the ostracizing?

    Buddhism has been sitting alone with Burmese children for centuries and that doesn’t seem to have stopped the Burmese from invading Thailand at times when they weren’t fighting each other (doesn’t seem to have slowed down the Thais much for that matter either). As a state religion it can as useful as any other for manipulating the population, but I don’t know that that says anything about Buddhism particularly.

    But why make enemies where allies are needed? I think the same thing every time I see homosexuals bashed on counter-jihad websites, or told as you seem to be saying that homosexuality is some sort of illness. These people need to be won over from the Left, surely, not repelled by the Right. And I get the point that gender studies etc. is a tool for undermining Western civ. But gays might better be worked with instead of against. Same with Buddhists, even Western ones, who can be aggravating as hell, no argument, eg Robert Thurman. Om mani padme hum (if that’s not too aggravating) and freedom from suffering for all the sentient beings. Not including shariah-compliant Muslims. Not really sentient anyhow.

  5. But why make enemies where allies are needed?

    You mean let’s Unite Against Fascism? Is that how you conquer untruth? Have a bunch of huge liars on your team? Yea, the Imam’s very afraid. He’s been given truth to play with.

    And you don’t ever need a fight, if people have the right to publicly say the truth. But Socialists don’t want the truth or their arguments also are exposed as lies. Catch 22.

    ‘Eve-ill’ is that pun works in English, that describes the unwell femaled mind. The female-fearing Mohammedan, the female-rejecting homosexual, the female-dismissing Buddhist, female-replacing transgender or female-embracing Socialist. They all battled and lost to revolve around the female mind and claim a new identity. The chattering brain that everyone was running from, became a life of constant denial or submission to, so ne’re a glint of light should enter, to create in themselves a kingdom of peace. Women are the loneliest creatures on the planet for where have all the men gone? To these, she is just awakened to the female presence in them and become lesbian for the truer source of Eve.

    Could you believe Muslims submit themselves to a ‘Man-God’? Snigger, they are females.

    So, as they are all from the same source, are they then suddenly going to stand for your values of your noble army of real men?

    Islam, Buddhism, Socialism are rampant with homosexuals, crying out the outer male body-form to satiate the demands of their femaled inners. But it never does.

    This is psychosis; they are sick. And you don’t see?

    I think the same thing every time I see homosexuals bashed on counter-jihad websites, or told as you seem to be saying that homosexuality is some sort of illness.

    Do you think it normal to use the anus as a sexual port? Or have you overcome that treat like an alcoholic could be sick and drink it back again if it contained alcohol?

    And so you start with the truth. Islam can only be beaten if it is ridiculed for the dangerous nonsense it is. They know that. And yet you fight them on the ground that they themselves have determined as a fair level playing field?

    Because if you ridicule one, you ridicule them all, and the child discovers who they can trust. You don’t make allowances for the fooled. Let their brittle facades come crashing down and they remember themselves once more.

    And I get the point that gender studies etc. is a tool for undermining Western civ.

    I’m glad you see their agenda is anti-men to perpetuate this charade for the female-centric populations. For that population will then call to Communism, the pseudo-masculine, to be told what to do.

    A man might rape a little girl and then kill her afterwards in his realization that it was not him who ever had the power, but her. She drew him in by her pubescent form. This man will remain a victim and certain women are drawn to his weakness for the elixir of life of his dying soul, to be The Creator there present at his conversion into Jayne.

    But gays might better be worked with instead of against.

    Gay squadrons were known to be the most efficiently ruthless and sadistic. The best killers. No compassion. Great to have working for you. Then told to walk one step backwards over a cliff after the war was over. Too dangerous to have in the community.

    So let’s turn this around.

    Many Muslims are trapped because apostasy is death. Why not concentrate on setting them free. If they are released, there is no longer the hand of Mohammad to ever control them or their kids, or our kids ever again.

    Vlad’s blog alerts us to the present dangers, and there are websites for ex-muslims to enlighten themselves; there are blogs alerting to the dark deeds of homosexuals of rent boys and child abuses, and there are websites for ex-homosexuals. What they all get in common, is threats of harm in retaliation, for homosexuals and Muslims feel they are losing their very life itself. They aren’t, but that’s the only way a delusional brain can wake up, it to see what they thought of as real, is actually not real, by going through the process of letting everything go, that nothing has it.

    The Gay guys and the Buddhists you brought with you? Leave their jackets at the door or they can’t come in. Because they will betray us, the siren’s call will be too much from the feman they once slept with on the oligarch’s ship.

  6. Hello perfectchild,

    I think your analysis of these issues and the way you relate them to one another is interesting and thought-provoking but I wonder if it doesn’t come at a certain expense, if it doesn’t somewhat slight pedestrian everyday observable reality.

    For instance, to stay with Burma, since that seems to be the example before us, the family there is as strong as it is anywhere in what’s left of the West, and while there may be strong matriarchs in Burmese families the preference is for a strong husband/father at the center of things. I don’t see how that could be if all the men had been femaled, as you say.

    There is a monastic tradition, as there is in Christianity, but most Burmese men won’t spend more than a brief time as monks in the course of their lives. They prefer to be married and have children.

    Burma’s history is as bloody as anywhere else, even before the arrival of the Europeans with their masculine martial virtues. If Buddhism had femaled the men, why was war such a popular pastime?

    The Brits, when they did arrive, jailed more Burmese per capita I believe than they did anywhere else in their empire, the already femaled Buddhist men not taking very well I suppose to being further femaled by British colonialists. I think they felt their country was being looted as well, not understanding that in return they were getting the light of civilization, and they also didn’t like the Muslim-loving British imposing Islam on them – the Rohingya problem being largely a British contribution, as the Brits found the Bengalis more tractable than the Burmese, a more pliable people with whom to repopulate depopulated Arakan.

    Now the Burmese Buddhists are offering the world an example through their own fight against Islamization. I don’t think it’s one that (formerly) Christian nations ought to scorn.

  7. Don c I don’t see how that could be if all the men had been femaled, as you say.

    Most people are moderate, and only by default are born into these great delusional battles of religious and cultural ideologies with subterfuge to distract and reduce the sense of suffering of the present, like consuming decomposed vegetation or chewing on a leaf to get a low or a high.

    With the female goddesses ruling, the women were head, and thus made ‘male’. They were included and often led the decisions about society. With the male gods, however, came the sole reign of men… but worshiping before an Alpha Male God, they naturally became femaled into beta men. Perfumed, coiffured and grouchy about every small detail. No man ever writes Laws about ever minutiae. Real men think about the bigger picture and let the little things take care of themselves. So the evidence of a femaled culture is in their law making.

    The left brain-hemisphere is made redundant if the orders come from scriptures that came from the Highest ‘Male’ Authority. They are unwavering and unquestionable. What-would-Allah-want. Therefore what they had remaining in their heads to function with, was their ‘female’ right-hemisphere and thus put in direct competition with women who had that hemisphere in bucket loads. A man can never out-intuit woman. He isn’t made that way. women know this is all baloney, but go along to prevent a beating or stoning as a witch. Those women who do believe have been intimidated, bullied, circumcised, and uneducated so as not to see. They are least of all head-bound women, because they don’t have a spark of intuition left. What women have, is stamped on and rubbished, by de-maled males in demanding their higher status – just as today the de-femaled females, the Feminists, demands her higher position over the insightful man, lest he see, so he is turned into nothing more than a rutting pig looking for the manhood he lost, in all the wrong places.

    Can you thus see the resentful female is not a woman in using her anger to deflect scrutiny, and demands that she be seen as one, with the makeup and color-permed hair, just as the Gay demands to be a man with marriage-rights and child-rights and normal-rights and more? These imbalanced persons striving to prove they are not deficient? The measure of hell they are in, looks for compensation and justification. And you can never please for they are inconsolable. You give in and then they take more, you give in, they take even more – until you submit, and everything else that bears witness to them is destroyed.

    So give back what is not yours to have received in return for a sense of peace. There is no God telling you what to do, (so as to be released from responsibility of the pain of facing your own life), and no blissful place of retreat to inside your head. Women are not less, men are not less. Our perceptions are our own, and we share them for the good of all. No two people are exactly alike so how can we ever be part of a collective? We agree to disagree on so many issues, and our trade is of mutual respect and benefit.

    If Buddhism had femaled the men, why was war such a popular pastime?

    Because they are not whole. They are not ‘wholly’. The femaled male is violent, in having to prove they are the top of their heap. The reactionary maled-female likewise is violent, in having to prove that men are not the top of the heap but they are. There is nothing normal about their societies. They fight, because they already fight.

    My limited contact with Burmese Buddhists is to find them… macho – that I should be careful not to offend their sense of masculinity with another sacred script for a Wheel of Life. Offense causes war to defend their pride of knowledge. For Macho-ism is a sign of the suppressed female already inside and they are afraid their inadequacy, their weakness for women to be pursued for a sense of manhood, come out and be revealed to all. They are embarrassed of this fact about themselves.

    Then along comes a Muslim, (the most femaled of all mankind that even dogs will instinctively want to sexually mount, for such is the prostrating wimp within their hearts – is what the dogs smell), and a battle of wills over the vanquished will ensue. The biggest most steroid-muscled male, has the most frightened damaged boy inside that will lash out as their first defense.

    With Hindu men, there is nothing of the macho, but of a gentle nature. I could not offend their manhood even if I tried. They would just laugh at me and taunt of what I presented as masculine.

    Jesus said, (because it is profound) “If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.”

    Meaning, if you are holding onto pride you will be insulted as if stung, but if you give it up, no one can manipulate you to retaliate. If they take your vanity and rubbish it, give them every last vestige of pride, you don’t need it, as it no longer makes a home in you, and the desires that sustained it, that you thought were you, are gone. You are no longer understood as a Desire-Person, and there is no longer a marketing or lobby group to cater to your whims to fleece you of your coin.

    And we’re back to the child we were born as. Happy in our own skin. Or as the Dog Whisperer would say, ‘the owner’s normal, and so the dogs merely relax again’.

    One day, dogs will look at ex-Muslims, and forget the were ever horny for them. And the world will forget the Mohammad that was an abused orphan and submitted as a toyboy for a woman twice his age, and grew up disturbed with an inferiority rage against women, and will relax again.

  8. Hello perfectchild,

    That’s good writing. Thank you for taking the time to lay out your insights into the larger scheme of things. Your take on Burmese men matches a lot of my own experience. Some of the minorities seem less prickly. Food for thought. Will be digesting.

  9. Hi don, you’ve been very kind to indulge me.

    There’s the one thing left, that you hinted at, and I totally agree with.

    “… you might want to recognize that properly speaking meditation isn’t escaping into your dark hut, it’s stilling the mind to become more objective about your mental processes. It’s a useful practice, and I’ve noticed a lot smart, engaged people do something like it whether they call it meditation or not.”

    And what are they meditating for? To figure out their suffering, their emotional fears and attachments that hold them back. What their mother would think, what their father would do, what their friends might say, what their religion teaches, what their government dictates, etc.

    This process of letting go, involves
    1. knowing you have a problem
    2. seeking the root of that problem
    3 or mastering a technique or lifestyle that makes you forget the problem that then turns you into a manic depressive.

    Survival, is about being aware, to beware. So you are built to see patterns and falsehoods. To mask this is to construct a big deception, a comfort-zone where someone else is doing the look-out so you don’t have to, and your pockets are picked for your support in the process.

    America was not invaded by the Japanese in 1940 only because every citizen was armed. To invade a Buddhist country… where everyone is prepared for peace and not to hurt a fly… thaks for the invite! Kindness is the merit of undeservedness, to intervene and raise up that which is not quite ready but may soon be, to try again. If used unsparingly, it will poison the receiver. To the Undeserving… it is a walk in the park. You can’t build a society on kindness, which is really a society without compassion. For compassion means to let others suffer for their own betterment. They are missing their right-brains of intuition. Socialists too destroy their cultures by blindly feeding needs in return for sanctimonious Pride of Goodness when their lives are wickedness.

    The inventions of the human.

    It is not to meditate to be like the Buddha or some heroic figure, and say “see, I don’t feel a thing, so I have reached the ability to do things like hold my hand over a flame and feel nothing.” What great power denial is. For you have learned to trick your own mind into belief. However, it is not to deny the use of the right-brain, but to listen to it’s deepest fears and anxieties, for it is your connection to the real world, and emaciated it now no longer is able to deal with complexity, and demands form to be harmonious.

    We are quite basic animals that have built upon the fight-flight mechanism, food and lust, emotion and feeling, to construct a whole lot of reasons for doing what we do when we get stuck into our compulsions: to do something about it. This is the “mountain” that is considered immovable by all our attempts to assail it and then claim it an an axion of who we really are… until a person becomes an ex-axion, and you wish them dead.

    What Buddha did, as a rich man, was walk away from it all in the pursuit of enlightenment. A spoilt man who retreated from life for the riches of heaven? I don’t now his life to have formed a view, however, this is all I am getting from his followers who shave their heads and renounce wealth.

    However, I have studied the Idol of The Lord God of the Christians, who when once a normal human being, repented to John the Baptist and then sought solitude and came back to teach this was the way to the truth and the life.

    I get that drift. To realize there is nothing you can do about the anxieties you want to remove off your back, and so first need to repent of all the things you did to hide it, burying it so deep you were a false person to all your friends, who did not see you cry at night, or indulge in pleasures of dopermining your brain into a stupor. You want to be real again. Repentance that of yourself you can do nothing. So no longer going to interfere and fix it.
    Next, to go out and meditate. Be still and watch the chatting of the brain distractions and habits and compulsions self-taught, and then focus back on stillness again, and if you are listening and not practicing forgetting, up will eventually pop the source-memory of what your brain was trying to tell you all those years, of the event when you had bruised yourself. If you relive it in your mind, with all the fear you remember, your brain will realize it is no longer valid now, and if you no longer resent it, you completely forgive those involved, it will let it go. All your brain was doing was defending you. If you die to the experience, you will have your life back. If you cut the brain out where the memories were stored, you have the same effect. You will be free. But one person walks tall, the other with a pebble in their shoe. Guess which one the sharks will target? Like wise neurologists use a mirror to trick the brain that the arm with a stroke is still functioning, and so can let go of the itch in the missing arm. That is all mediation should do, bring you to the truth of your mountain, and it will move.

    What an interesting conversation. Thank you Don.

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