News links for Sept. 15 2013 – 1

1. Marine LePen wants to campaign with Geert Wilders. Newspaper reports dust off the same tired and libelous adjectives as always.

1a. Yahoo News:

1b. Dutch News:

1c. English RFI:

2. Muslims slit throat of Christians in Syria and taunt that Jesus didn’t save them. (I hope they remember that when the cruise missile finally gets there)

3. Christmas cancelled in parts of Germany. (Now we see one stage of multiculturalism. No culture. That will be the stage right before sharia)

4. Enemy propaganda video on opposition to Quebec’s proposed secular appearance ban in the public sphere.

It would appear that this is the organizer of this march. H/T M

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  1. Christianity is the founding faith of Western civilisation. There can be no equivalence between Christianity and other faiths allowed into Europe. This is especially so regarding Islam, that is canonically bound to annihilate everything that opposes it.

  2. One hundred percent of the people marching in that video are avid supporters of Islamic Jihad. If you don’t know that, you don’t know anything. If you were to take any one of those bearded, hijabed creeps and follow them around secretly, you would hear them talk about “fighting in the cause of Allah, and death to the infidel.” These are active enemy soldiers walking openly in our streets at a time of war. I don’t know how to put it any planer. Every one of those people should be placed in a Prisoner of War compound and left there until they die of old age. Rehabilitation is impossible since there is no way to tell if they are lying or not, and they are highly mendacious.

  3. Chris Jones

    I agree with you. There can be no rehabilitation, as Muslims believe that they are superior. I posit that a way be found that these people voluntarily leave, as they see that there is no hope that sharia will become the law of land in Europe. As such they will have to live as “dhimmis” in the West.

    Steps to undertake, one at a time

    1. Ban the burqa, niqab etc but no such ban for nun’s habits, as Christianity is part of our culture. I see the beginnings of such steps in France, Quebec and the UK.

    2. Ban Halal meat – slaughter or sale in any form. Also ban Halal certification, as a part of the proceeds of its licensing is used to fund Jihad Halal violates all our principles of humane treatment of animals.

    3. No Footwashes in any public place. Footwashes were necessary in the Third world, now and in the past, as the streets are filthy with animal and human excrement. No such situation exists in the West.

    4. No Muslim schools.

    That’s a start. The screw can be tightened slowly, till most Muslims get the message.

  4. Yes. But they must not gutlessly hide their motivations beneath something else, the way the Quebec Government is. There needs to be an open and frank public discourse about the nature of the Quran and the Hadiths – no matter how loudly the Muslims scream, “racism!” at the mere suggestion. We have laws against calling for the deaths of existing people and groups of people, and the Holy Quran clearly calls for the murder, rape, robbery, and enslavement of Christians and Jews by name, not to mention everybody else by inclusion. It is illegal in Canada to say, “go and murder a Jew today.” Well, the Holy Quran says exactly that. Either we change the law, or we ban the Quran.

  5. This is Socialism: use Hate Speech to prevent an equal playing field of ideas, and then when Islam gets on top, simply because of it, i.e fascism follows socialism, then ban all symbols of religion – all as bad as each other – the Middle Class of Moderate Family Values – as if the Nazi Religion they imported will then go away. Sorry, there’s a whole army of disenfranchised young men who have whores who took their babies into Welfare Housing which they then support by paying alimony and again in their taxes. They made Islam look noble and truthful. The governments are going to be ripped to shreds. Look at the Arab Spring. That’s the model of pushing liberals out of windows. They’ll be begging Russia and China to come and help. And…Martial Law and the revolutionary birth of… Communism. Marx was right. The end game of planting soviet agents in the West over fifty years so some pussy could feel moist at night. History show the fate of These Useful Idiots – if that’s a smidgen of any consolation.

  6. Yeah, that’s an army on the march. I don’t know how anyone could mistake it for anything else, but apparently some kuffar-looking idiots who have joined in have.

  7. The early years of Marxism was a fight against the Christian Churches in Europe, the Marxists decided that any philosophy that said there is a higher court then the government had to go, now the left has enough control they are starting to outlaw Christianity, the other religions will follow once the one on Christianity is passed.

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