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21 Replies to “Two rather odd ads on Ottawa public transport today Sept 14 2013”

  1. “Sex without ongoing consent = sexual assault”

    When he changes his mind.

    In other words….

    When seduction, (that contrivance to make the unnaturally natural), ceases to work – get out of the Pacific Rim fast.

    “When he changes his mind”.

    Nope, English doesn’t do it justice.

    The Swedes have Hen, but that gender-neutral. This is gender-specific for a hit-on fem being seduced by a dom.

    “When hem changes his mind,” no means no, to the point of anal entry.

    All doms are potential rapists.

    OK, all homs are rapists.

    There’s got to be government charity-funding to rehouse hems with counseling for homs…

    Can we have a very young girl and a Mohammadan?

    “Sex without ongoing consent = sexual assault”

    When she changes her mind.

    Meme: The normalizing process continues.

  2. The Billion Prices Project @ MIT

    This looks like a legit inflation tracker

    I found it at a Zerohedge article (Dare To Question Argentina’s Inflation Data, Prepare To Go To Jail) on financial analysts being charged with speculation for having a different inflation estimate than the government. They are actually in court.


    I am tired of the whole gay thing. The biggest thing going for the gay community is that most people do not go to college and many of those that do are brainwashed, don’t care or have crappy degrees.

    Just from the whole nurture versus nature debate I cannot see there being a gay gene. At most it would give a person an inclination and that is about it. You cannot pack that much information into that little code we are talking about 30,000 genes (or lines of code if you will).

  3. The Gay Advert does the same thing as “Muslims are raped by Asian Gangs” in that it portrays them as victims of predators like everybody else.

    Yet Muslims and Homosexuals are predators. There is nothing ‘natural’ or ‘human instinct’ to their cause. They have to jump the fence of natural inhibition and squemishness to arrive into a new land of exploitation.

    They become proud of their new superiority, to be the better of men. For they can do the unsanctionable with the very justification that you have given them.

    Hence the ruthlessness. The mere butting of rams heads. The call of the dispassionate.

  4. I do not believe that animals, humans included are hardwired with a great deal of instinct. There is some but not as much as previously supposed.

    You cannot encode that much information in the genetic code.

    For example calves eat grass because they see other cows eat grass. Once they eat the grass, it hits the spot. Their bodies have evolved that say over the millenia. Once that grass hit their stomach the feedback loop relays the information back to the brain and it goes ding. I have seen cows eat meat also. I saw it on “Larry the Cable Guy”. I think what they eat is “learned” and also the feedback loop between the gut and the brain tells them that this is what is needed.
    I think they will occasionally scavenge carcasses for salt or something at times.

  5. On poster #2

    I am glad there are so many knowledgeable people running around. Sheer Geniuses!
    Now how can these geniuses argue they know why the towers fell down?

    Most for the people who take courses in statics & dynamics and material sciences are engineers and physicists. Some of those who take the course are not good at it for one reason or another or follow career paths where they never use it. They subsequently forget it.

    It is the blind leading the blind.

    The original 911 conspiracy video had 1 to 3 engineering students. WhatIlike to know is could they pass Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam (a.k.a the Engineer in Training (EIT) exam)?
    Further could they pass the Professional Exam (Structural)


  6. Blue: I do not believe that animals, humans included are hardwired with a great deal of instinct. There is some but not as much as previously supposed.

    Certainly brains develop outside the womb. But what about r/K reproduction and nurture instincts?. Those animals that invest little in child-rearing and those that invest a lot?

    Put an adopted Chinese child in a home where parental neglect occurs naturally – oops can’t happen as they would not ever consider to adopt – OK, into Foster-Money Homes – and would that child be naturally monogamous, caring for its offspring, and value human life more that a number?

    I suggest that child would revert to form… that is, barring the buying into hypnosis of smoking, tattooing, religioning, Socializing, Collectivising and the other hurdles of demoralizing and breaking the human spirit. That deep down would be a voice, like a wind calls to the mountains, or basically a salmon to spawn, that would drive the search for truth and purpose. That child would know it was not one of them.

    If that is not instinct, we are solely what we are told.

  7. Well, I had left wiggle room for you to reply Blue.

    The evidence is, each generation is different from the last. We mimic our parents and we copy our peers. Communists call it “Ground Zero” when children are isolated from their parents and terrorized into a blank sheet. Education makes the young associate sodomy as natural and normal. A pederast society is a pederast society.

    Religion, likewise. “take a child by seven, and I’ll have the adult”.

    The only possible change is if a person dissents. That takes an IQ beyond 105 grams per cubic centimeter.

    Hence, Pol Pot killed anyone wearing glasses and million more in the name of progress.

    A walk in the streets indicates the people who shout at each other to make their point, do not have the subtleties of a genetic trait of awareness. Hammering their ideas.

    There will be those few sensitive, informed, and the many more out-formed.

    It is those, who see the mesh people are caught in, as they fall between the gaps, that the places of power do not want observed, that a Saddam sits in Democracy and he did in Islam.

  8. @ Perfect child

    I am not sure about this whole gay gene thing. I have taken a class in reliability engineering. Using those methods to analyze things, a product/process can have many different failure modes. Being conceived growing in the womb etc is definitely a process. 2 to 3 percent of the population is gay. What that does not tell us is how many are gay from choice and how thru genetics. If 1% or less are considered gay by genetics might we not consider that a birth defect to be fixed? Also the other one are therefore gay by choice or by recruitment. they use to chant at gay pride parades “Recruit, Recruit 10% is not enough”. Number s and why each person is gay makes a difference in the debate.

    I have argued in other forums with proponents of the LGBT. If you argue with them long enough and say a gay gene has not been found and one should have been found by now, they will argue what made you straight. they want to have it all ways. they want to argue that it is genetic, but not a defect (I guess we all know that from their stance on reversion therapy). Or if it is not genetic it does not matter anyway.

    I don’t know. I an pretty sure we are going to know the truth in 2 generations thru understanding neurobiology (that is less susceptible to scientific fads) and genetics. After all there are only 30,000 or less genes in the genome and 2,000 have been studied fairly well because of disease research. Another 4,000 are known and have been studied some. Pretty soon they will know almost everything. Gene interactions & alleles (variants) will multiply the possibilities but I think nonetheless in 2 generations (40 years) we will know.

    If a gene is found I would like to know whether a woman’s right to choose or the LGBT will win. Rush Limbaugh predicted in 1991 that Gays would be pro-life. Right now out 2/3rds of Down’s syndrome babies are aborted. I know what will happen if a gay gene is found.

    My personal attitude is that the truth won’t be pretty. The best thing is to resist gay education to limit the damage. When people figure things out 40 years from now, the best thing is “To go & say no more” & not be shaming them. Just let them abandon the lifestyle. It will be quicker at that point and their will less pain and recriminations.

  9. Blue: “Just let them abandon the lifestyle.”

    We know chemicals produced in the brain are addictive. Pleasure by association more-so. How else did Hugh Hefner make his fortune, but from a disassociation of hetero-sexual affection. The bullock led to the wooden frame.

    So a childhood of ‘absence of affection’ can be channeled in the forgetfulness and distraction of erotic fantasy. Sexual stimulus, that survival to procreate, can be used to avoid or distract, lust or pain, submission or dominance, blame or shame, rich or poor, shape or form, God or Devil, male or female; animal, vegetable or mineral or total abstinence and denial. On this side, that burgeoning LBGT of every letter added under the sun ad infinitum, and on the other, normal.

    But this disproportion of mass hysteria is the same also with all the myriads of religions and superstitions, piled upon one another to be improved; and one the other…. normal – nothing has it.

    And finally again for the vastness of varieties of failed communes and collectives, against the individual: treat your neighbor as yourself, (which is why it is never written in any manifesto).

    One single person, against the world’s imaginings.

    No wonder a sage once said he came for ‘the sick’, for the inmates want to rule the asylum so they appear sane.

  10. @ Richard

    I was thinking of the Swedish study.

    The LGBT supplementary position is that it is the result of epi-genetics.

    My reply is that if some stretch of DNA has been switched on or off due to outside stimuli like excess use of alcoholism, then would we not consider that a birth defect.

    I know of an alcoholic. They were was a foster kid of a relative of mine. My relative told me about their biological family and relate that they probably had fetal alcohol syndrome. Now years later I hear this persons has a kid studying welding and looking to make their way in the world and they have learning disabilities. Sounds like methylization to me. I wonder how many generations it will last.

    If we would reverse this ill effect by de-methylizing the affected gene to cure learning disability, would we not do so if alcoholism might also trigger homosexuality in a developing foetus?

    If some people chant “Recruit , Recruit 10% is not enough”, Is suspect that they would forbid it by getting a law enacted.

  11. Jürgen Trittin (at left) was listed as “legally responsible” for a 1981 election pamphlet, which called for the decriminalisation of sex acts between adults and children “that occur without the use or threat of force.”

    Green MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit claimed in a 1975 book that he interacted sexually with children while working at a kindergarten.

    Casual sex with minors without the use of force.

    Knew they’d get there in the end.

    Promiscuous sex good; touching-when-not-proffered, bad.

    Except, of course, coercion cannot be measured.

  12. Richard: The goal of the left seems to be to destroy all traditional morality and replace it with nothing.

    Nothing? Is that what you think? The end game to all of this is nothing?

    The end game is slavery.

    How can someone turn people into willing-slaves? That is the eternal question of generations of narcissistic families who called themselves regal, emperors, gods and divine prophets.

    Look at the ‘Devout Muslim’. He stands clean from his robes to his toes. He has done everything his master has informed him. He has not looked at another woman except his four wives and is told paradise has many more, even young boys. He has put off today in anticipation for tomorrow. Allah will take care of that. A kamikaze fighter no less for the Allah-Land.

    Look at the ‘Radical Leftie’. She stands disheveled and unkempt. She has done everything for the cause to create chaos for the revolution. She has looked and tasted every man and young girl that crosses her path. She puts off tomorrow for the cares of today. The State will take care of that. She is identified with life itself and will fight to the death for the Mother-Land.

    Now, you will have an empire of the hypnotic-imagined to rule for over 1000 years. Your fellow humans became your easy prey. Google every despot and see how they consumed the innocent for a sense of life and that cruelty was passed down to the least cruel at the bottom. The meanness in the streets, is magnified in the courts.

    This inversion of souls of men and women, and you write “…destroy all traditional morality and replace it with nothing”.

    Now let’s go deeper.

    One clone has his sense of God, the other drone has her sense of Ego – which they both wear proudly on their sleeves and crush the minds of little babies who enter the world with their negative and positive attitudes towards their genders.

    Whilst the fornicators above plan greater things by inventing the greatest transgender of all: the child.

    This “hen” not knowing what gender s/he is, is the purest innocence in body form, and to abuse them, represents the final joining with a representation of a human who consciously and truly transcends gender.

    Constant sex with women makes a male femaled, and vice versa. They become identified with each other and a transference of loyalties and values to keep their prized possessions ensues. The Blacks call this their “captain save a hoe” mentality; the Muslim women, their ‘Stockholm syndrome’

    Glorifying and deifying a God-man as Savior so you do not have to face yourself, was exceptional in its cunning to allow a Roman Emperor to rule over the demoralized – for to make them all liars, allows the biggest liar to rule.

    But to blank a child into not knowing its left from its right, that is an achievement for of protection whatsoever, and their virus to infect from day one. To look like an asexual, but full of sexual arousal for everyone and everything.

    To physically have sex with this mummified creation of a Socrates or a Jesus is their fetish. Has to be consensual, or the absolution of guilt is not made perfect.

    The African who has sex with a baby to cure their HIV disease would have more psychological power if fully knowing it was the baby who made them do it. They had permission. The idea of destroying innocence to cure their darkness into light.

    Then who here, in the whole world can ever judge me? That is their desire to Confuse, Alienate, Infiltrate and Radicalize. (C.A.I.R)

    They tried it with Christ. He would save the people from themselves. So evil made a comfortable home in them, they could do inhuman atrocities on unbelievers, while they spent their whole lives running from and distracting themselves with ‘for-the-better-good’ deeds and every recipient of their ‘love’ despised them for, because they never got to know what it was to be human.

    I hope I have shown the inversion of humans taking place.

    If not, ask, and I’ll try again.

  13. perfectchild I meant that the left is not trying to replace morality with a different morality but rather with no morality. Their philosophy seems to be if it feels go do it, if you are curious about what it feels like do it to find out.

    We are now seeing people coming out and supporting pedophilia and the mainstream left is supporting them not condemning them. We are also seeing the beginning of a movement to normalize adult incest, which will probably be followed by trying to normalize child incest.

  14. The ‘no-morality’, is to soften the population up. Under Communism, they will tell you who to breed with.

    So we enjoy the mainstream wisdom of , ‘don’t push if it is too immature to break’, ‘don’t try if it hurts’, ‘stop if they want to stop’. But that will be surpassed by injured and disposable children as seen on a computer near a politician.

    The Far Left, who believe a soiled bed is a piece of art, function in this unreal world of not comprehending, (and therefore not trusting), what is in someone else’s head. Hence, they have to spy on them 24/7, for they know their handed out identities are all pretense and an act. The Sociopath battling with sociopaths who might leap one day out from the undergrowth and stab them in the back.

    However, the Far Right, who cannot look at any images without being caught up with them, do know what’s in everybody’s head, the covetousness and the lust, and so write laws to hide all their spoils from each other. The psychopath securing against other psychopaths.

    Socialism is the Phony War. Peace when there is no peace. It is but a transition phase we should never have got into.

    The death of a child’s conscience is an elixir to the dead. The homosexual cannot reproduce, but in infecting a child and they will live on. The altered personality, like a fungus that grows in them, is passed on by the slightest of openings.

    The Imam that converts their child to a death sentence, or the Communist their child to a life sentence. That we have not defended our country from either false kingdoms, means the cowards, quislings and pacifists run the nation.

    By your tattoo you will be known. Those not tattooed will be chased and hunted down and killed as unbelievers.

  15. The angel who comes to a Muslim always says “do not be afraid I won’t kill you” a communist, “I won’t imprison and torture you'” to a sexophile, “I won’t beast you” for they all live by terror. Look at their faces on their marches, they are terrified of the other.

    That fear of the molested child. They cooperate for the least pain.

    If an angel came a normal person would say “hello, how may I help you?”

    To fear goodness, as a retribution for summitting to the tyrant, is a great sadness for they will abuse the weaker stranger among them.

    To have no morality is to immerse themselves in the sex drug, the female and femisexualist looking for the real man, the male and machosexualist looking for a real woman and never finding them. Their ugliness held up as a thing of beauty by those on hard core.

    The rage of the left and right crying out for peace, and those offer it for a price to reconfigure the Earth and eradicate any witnesses, to reign as lords.

    It’s deep, but we are dealing with the human mind, and the demons they made friends with.

  16. Well, I say that things that aren’t a choice should not be called wrong. I’m gay, myself. So what? It is a genetics thing, but a little more complicated than you think. This video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=70I7Nag4Eu8 is from the Discovery News channel, so they have some pretty accurate stuff. I feel physical, not just emotional attraction to men and I am a man, and when I see a picture of naked men I get a boner. When I see a naked woman, nothing. Physical attraction. Can you choose to get a boner? Same with pedophilia. I’m not a pedophile, but it is something that you are. You can’t change what you are born with.

  17. You may or may not be able to change what you are born with, but modern civilization depends on the idea that you can choose to act on what your impulses or desires are. It is what defines criminality. What two consenting adults chose to do may or may not be legal or wrong. For example, occasionally there are people who want to act out cannibalism fantasies or other violent acts linked to some people’s sexuality. This doesn’t mean they get to do it or that it is not wrong. Same with pedophilia. Taking sexual advantage of children is simply not acceptable. Non-damaging gay sex still has to be consensual to be legal otherwise its rape no matter whether or not the rapist has a genetic predisposition to raping people. So it isn;t as simple as your natural tendencies.

    All societies have organizational principles which attempt to allow groups of people to live in relative harmony despite varied impulses among people. This will always work to the benefit of some more than others. Life isn’t fair. But what is best for the majority has to be factored in to these principles or it falls apart and is much worse for everyone. Look at how excessive minority rights is feeding Islam, which seeks to murder gay people.

    Which is better. Civil union and no redefining marriage? Or being stoned to death for who you are. Yes, this is a genuine set of options if you follow my reasoning.

  18. Well, yes. I’m just saying that there are a ton of stereotypes that really shouldn’t exist. I hate shopping, but so what? I still like men, so I’m still gay. Not every pedophile is a rapist, and they aren’t necessarily taking advantage of children. Not every pedophile actually has sex with children. No matter what the genders of the people are, and no matter if it damages or not, rape is rape. There’s no denying that. But people’s sexuality and paraphilias don’t mean they always fit the stereotypes.

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