News links for Sept. 14 2013 – 2

1. Burned pages of Koran left outside CAIR office. The news site has 5 pictures of it  as if it was serious like Anthrax in an envelope or something. The truth of the matter probably relates to the following old Arabic expression: “Show the victim face, then you can take over”

2. Didn’t the Philippines make a peace deal with the Muslims recently? How’s that going?

3. Mysterious explosion kills one in Finland.

4. An Army veteran is suing the state of Michigan for denying his request for a vanity license plate that says “infidel.”  (My advice: Always give your name as ‘Kufar’ when ordering at Starbucks)

5. Footage from the march in Montreal today against the proposed religious neutrality rules for Government workers.

Thanks M and Richard and all who sent in material today. I still have a few posts left to do. C.B. Sashenka mentioned that she might write something up about the organizers of today’s march in Montreal. He could easily be construed as a rather unsavory association, hence the lack of ‘diversity’ in this demo.

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  1. It is sickening that a story concerning a few burnt pages gets more press and attention from the political class than the burning, looting, violent assaults, and murders being perpetrated on Christians and other Infidels throughout the Islamic world.

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