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2 Replies to “Anti-Assad protest in Ottawa Canada”

  1. Man! Did you ever hear anyone prevaricate and dissemble and just plain lie like that guy? Didn’t he just have a cute, BS answer to every one of the questions? The terrible truth that he was trying so hard to conceal is that he is a Jihadist and he wants to see the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood come to power in Syria, kill all the Alawites, and continue on the great journey toward forming the Caliphate and then taking over the world. That’s what he didn’t want to say. The truth… Gosh, darn, don’t they think we’re stupid… These people who have never invented anything or contributed anything to the world have the temerity to think it is we are stupid!!!

  2. The yellow and black of hazard warnings they’ve used on t-shirts and sign is the same colour scheme as that new 4-finger MoBro R4BIA symbol, which is supposed to be symbolic of the Kaaba sack and the Dome of the Rock. Coincidence here I imagine.

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