News links for Sept. 13 2013 – 3

Once again, here is a link to the news story from France about sharia courts which have been established in areas where the actual state has been pushed out in Aleppo Syria. Another thing about this clip. Andrew Bostom has found out that the original station that broadcast this clip is the largest news station in France with a 45% share of the market there. This is a significant clip on the nature of Islam and what all people can expect from it as it becomes more ascendant in any area of the world.

1. Europe becomes more concerned with religious Muslims who fight jihad in Syria. (H/T M)

2. It appears that Sweden is now so controlled by its violent muslims and leftists that the public debate with Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll, co leaders of the EDL, has been cancelled as they cannot get a hall rental anywhere. However they have set up a global live stream forum for the same debate. All details are here. Lets all get a ticket and join in.

3. Birmingham reverses ban on religious garb after predictable reaction.

4. Today in Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Supporters loot and burn down police station. (raw video)

5. Ontario hospital aims to woo workers from Quebec disgruntled by the values charter

(This was entirely predictable. I doubt many Muslims will take it up but the Sikhs, Hindus and Jews etc. likely will. Islam is there to colonize so they won’t budge.)

6. Thousands of Syrians flee Egypt for Italy: UNHCR

Around 3,300 Syrians have arrived in Italy by boat over recent weeks, many fleeing troubled Egypt where they had first found a haven from war, the UN refugee agency said Friday.

UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards said that the bulk of the refugees were families that had arrived over the past 40 days, mostly in Sicily. Some 670 refugees landed in the past week.

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