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21 Replies to “Syrian woman lambastes Senator McCain on his Syrian stance”

  1. She pleads her case, explains that Assad’s government is relatively secular, explains that the rebels are mainly foreign members of al-Qaeda and all she gets is a ‘thank you Ma’am but you’re wrong’.
    This shows that McCain is in bed with Obama. They will assist Muslim terrorists at all costs!

  2. WH Chief of Staff: U.S. Has No Military Allies for Syria Strike

    The United States has no military allies in its plan to launch missile attacks against Syria as punishment for the country’s use of chemical weapons, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said Sunday.

    McDonough conceded the fact on CNN’s “State of the Union” after persistent questioning from host Candy Crowley, who asked him whether President Barack Obama has secured international military support for the strike — as opposed to moral support.

    “Not at this point,” he said. “But it is specific support for holding him [Syrian President Bashar Assad] to account, and it is a recognition that it happened. We feel very good about the support we have, and we’ll continue to build more.”


  3. If the Alawite Regime falls, it is fair to assume that every one of them, along with their Christian friends, is going to be slaughtered like diseased chickens by the lovely Sunni majority and their al-Qaeda friends. If a vicious enemy was about to descend on Washington DC and literally behead every man, woman, and child there, would the Americans be shy about defending themselves any way they could? Isn’t the right to try to keep yourself the most basic of all human rights. Isn’t that all Assad is trying to do? He didn’t ask for the “rebels” to start this war – and it is they who started it. I’d use the ebola virus and the Black Death to keep those clowns from getting their hands on me and beheading me on a video – I’d have no problem with sarin gas..

  4. Chris I am trying to find a translator from French to do a video showing how the Sunni-tards have transformed the parts of Syria they have taken over already. I think it will prove your point rather brilliantly.

  5. After listening to Hillary Clinton lying so forcefully and so completely, I cannot imagine taking one word that any of these Democrats have to say. The last Secretary of State looked straight into the camera and lied about Benghazi, how do we know The Secretary of State isn’t lying now? It’s not like ‘weapons of mass destruction’. Being wrong does not equal “lying”, as so many Democrats seem to think. But Hillary did lie, and still is, to my knowledge. You cannot trust Hillary Clinton, why would you trust the new guy?
    Putin says, “If you don’t have proof you can show, you don’t have proof,” and the Americans keep saying that it’s classified and, you know, trust me. Well, I don’t trust them, and neither does anybody with eyes and ears. What a bunch of clowns. What a bloody disgrace! They keep saying their “proof” is incontrovertible and that everybody agrees (The science is in) that Assad launched a chemical weapons attack just when the chemical weapons inspectors were there. And how do we know that film of the child gas victims isn’t a Palywood production, complete with fake injured kids getting twenty-bucks a head from the director? I’m not saying I know anything, but I didn’t see one thing in that film that couldn’t have been done with actors, as they do so routinely next door in Palestine.

    One thing that is not a lie, though. Every single thing that Barack Hussein Obama has done since the day he got into office has been music to the ears of the Islamic Supremacists in general, and to the Muslim Brotherhood specifically. If he’s not working for the MB, then I’m a monkey’s uncle. The match is too close. Every single thing he does!!!

  6. Tard is a short form of the conjoined term, ‘mustard’ which is a collage of two words. Muslim, and retard, hence, mus-tard. Most people just use tard. I initially coined the term to refer to conspicuously religious muslims in the burkas and tunics and bad santa hats.

  7. ‘thank you Ma’am but you’re wrong’ – McCain’s version of what Nancy Pelosi says “and that is that”

    i.e the conversation is over, i do not compare to debate you. So what is the point of a town hall?

    Pelosi and McCain — 2 peas in a pod

  8. John Kerry committed treason during Nam while he was serving as an officer in the US Navy, when Carter was President he ordered Kerry’s discharged changed to honorable and his medals (which he lied to get) restored. The man is worse then Hillary and is close to her level as a liar.

    Yes it is going to be ugly, and not just in the Middle East.

  9. The sickening part of this video is when McCain looks away and grins. He’s hiding something and out and out lying to these people. He’s so disgusting, even revolting. Why has he sold out to Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood? What do they have on him? How much have they paid him?

  10. Its interesting the way that the spokesman continues to use our “friends”, and their moral support. Its as if he trying to persuade that America’s allies are standing with America on Syria.

    America has lost the support of its friends. America under Obama has lost its way, its power dibbling away – one gets the feeling that Obama, by insisting for an attack on Syria, is basically lashing out in anger and frustration.

    Of course if he does attack Syria, American influence will be diminished even further.

    So the only question that remains is, whether Obama regards that as a successful outcome.

  11. DP I and a lot of others think Obama destruction of American strength and the attacks on or allies is a deliberate attempt to seriously weaken if not destroy the US.

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