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3 Replies to “Interesting BBC clip on Syrian defiance of potential US attack”

  1. That’s quite the little Hitler salute they’re giving as they sing the national anthem at the end. Hell! I have no doubt the Assadites are a bunch of Nazis, but I don’t love them any less than the Muslim Brotherhood al-Qaeda religious fanatics who are trying to take them over. At least under al-Assad people could live their lives without worrying about religious police whipping them for not wearing their Burkas. The so-called “rebels” are the forces of chaos, pure and simple. If they win there will be lakes and rivers of blood.

    People seem to ignore the fact that nobody is forcing anybody to try and overthrow the government. Assad isn’t just killing people because they were carrying picket signs calling for elections. There is an enemy force trying to conquer the country and Assad is fighting back. Is it written in stone that all governments should automatically give in if a bunch of guys decide to take over? That seems to be the assumption here…

  2. The Ba’ath party is based on word for word the National Socialists system of Germany. They still fly the Nazi flag and one from Syria told me recently the the Swastika is a symbol of peace and love (Mind you the reverse for Buddhists that is true but not the swastika)

    When you got one side based on the Nazi’s ideology and the other that wants us dead.. the best thing to do is let them have at it and stay out of the way

  3. I like the idea of a Jesus-big, visible-from-space wall surrounding all Muslim countries. There should be guard towers, helicopter patrols, barbed wire, satellite monitoring, Like, spend a couple of trillion dollars on the thing and shut these monkeys out until such time as they come to their senses and abandon this ridiculous ideology they seem to be addicted to. Their religion quite literally calls for genocide against Christians, Jews, and all other non-Muslims. That’s a deal-breaker as far as I’m concerned. There is no way to negotiate with that. I don’t want the guy next to me on the bus believing in a religion that seeks to destroy me..Islam should be illegal.

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