Syrian links Sept. 3 2013

1. French clip on Assad’s reaction to new decision?

2. Sky News: Obama makes new military action vow

The US has a plan to help Syria’s rebels bring down the Assad regime after launching military strikes, President Obama has said.

Mr Obama said again that military action against Syria would be “limited” but suggested a strike would go further than simply punishing President Bashar al Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

The president said he was confident that Congress would vote in favour of military action and called for a prompt vote on the issue.

More to come. H/T M and Softly Bob

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  1. The Syrian Domino –

    “We have just entered a new era with the Middle East and its relation to the world. Not every day can you proclaim such a shift in world history; today you can. This is not a joke — definitely not — and as you will see, it is not an exaggeration.” – Barry Rubin

  2. Everything will soon be resoved because n Griffin is flying out to Syria for a Damascus moment,he proudly proclaims that “no other politician has bothered to visit the country”i wonder why?lol

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