Links and news for Sept 3 2013 – 3

1. Major Hassan, the Ft. Hood shooter, forcibly shaved in prison.

(Hopefully the people waiting for him in the Jeffrey Dahmer memorial shower will appreciate that)

2. France: A “Secularism Charter” in Every School

“Nothing could be worse than posting a secularism charter on the wall and then the students see around them that what actually happens in school life is the exact opposite of what we tell them.” — Philippe Tournier, Secretary General, French Teachers Union

3. CTV clip on the threats to a Quebec mosque. No clip found however, of the hate and insults issued daily from Quebec’s mosques.

4. The Diana West book-review conflict continues to grow, and not based on facts or reason but pressure and influence. Please read this article by Clare Lopez, a truly excellent source. What a deep shame this is.

5. Islamists Kill Five Nigeria Christians In Roadside Attack

The Christians had been ordered out of a minibus and forced to lay on the ground before being shot last Thursday, August 29, because of their faith, the COCIN denomination leadership and a witness said.

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  1. #1
    Excellent! And if it’s pork on Tuesdays and he doesn’t want to eat pork, then he can go hungry on Tuesdays. And if he won’t eat food that’s not Halal, then he has my permission to starve to death. Colonel Hassan should be tied over an anthill, covered with honey, and left to scream his last hours away. I have never hated anyone as much as I hate Colonel Hassan. Skin him alive and bury him in pig shit – I won’t say a thing. He is an evil, useless piece of shit who deserves nothing but our eternal hatred. And the same thing goes for every last one of those Jihadi mother&^&*er&.
    It’s time to stop letting these bastards win in the name of white guilt…

  2. just another moose-lim coward…i am sooo tired of this..

    vlad..your wry comments are the best-est..
    love your site & love listening to ya’ on edl radio…

  3. IMF approves $6.7 billion loan for Pakistan

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The International Monetary Fund has approved a $6.7 billion loan for Pakistan to help the country avert a financial crisis and to support structural changes in the economy aimed at boosting investment and growth.

    The IMF said the Executive Board approved the loan on Wednesday. It will allow the release of a first installment of $540 million with the remainder paid out over three years.

    Pakistan’s foreign currency reserves have been severely depleted over the past two year. To secure the loan, it had to commit to changes in the economy designed to increase growth and improve financial stability. The measures aim to bring down the deficit, reduce pervasive electricity shortages and increase the country’s poor rate of tax collection.

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