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6 Replies to “IRI Basij (IRGC) in Syria”

  1. “Syrian-born patriarch: ‘Enough with the intervention,'” by Doreen Abi Raad for the Catholic News Service, August 28 (thanks to Paul):

    BEIRUIT [sic] (CNS) — Syrian-born Melkite Catholic Patriarch Gregoire III Laham warned against armed intervention in his country, saying, “It has brought us to the tragedy we are now living in Syria.”

    Speaking to Catholic News Service by phone Aug. 27 from the patriarchal summer residence in Ain Traz, Lebanon, the patriarch said such a step “would be a tragedy, a tragedy, a tragedy — for the whole country and the whole Middle East.”

    “Enough with the intervention,” he said.

    “It is fueling hatred, fueling criminality, fueling inhumanity, fueling fundamentalism, terrorism — all these things are the fruit of intervention. Enough!”

    “Surely, it will spread like a world war,” he said.


    “Surely, it will spread like a world war,” he said.

    But that is exactly the US and UK want – a division between the Islamic and Western world.

  2. “Egyptian Christian Leader: ‘Shame on Obama,'” from CBNNews.com, August 28 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

    An Egyptian Christian leader is calling out President Barack Obama and his administration for not doing enough in face of intense persecution against the Church by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Following the recent barrage of church burnings, Father Rafic Greiche, the chief spokesman for the Catholic Church in Egypt, criticized President Obama for not speaking out against the worst violence against Egyptian Christians in nearly 700 years.

    “President Obama when he made a speech he just touched on the burning churches instead of telling the Muslim Brotherhood that they are terrorists and they are making terror on Egypt,” Greiche said. “He did not speak loud for this and shame on him if he is a Christian that he does not speak out loud.”

    “The spokesman of the White House who…was asked ‘What is the red line for the Christians in Egypt?’ he mocked and said, ‘I didn’t bring my red pen,” he noted.


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