Links and news for Aug 28 2013 – 4

1. North Carolina passes anti-sharia bill

The legislation passed without Gov. Pat McCrory signing it. He called the bill “unnecessary” but still did not veto it, so it became the law of the state on Sunday.

North Carolina is now the seventh state to pass anti-sharia legislation, following Kansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arizona, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

2. ‘Sentenced to death for being thirsty’: Christian woman tells of moment she was beaten and locked up in Pakistan after ‘using Muslim women’s cup to drink water’

A Christian woman has spoken of how she was given a death sentence in Pakistan because she drank water from a well with a cup used by Muslim women.

Mother-of-five Asia Bibi, 46, has spent the last four years languishing in a prison cell after being condemned to hang following a conviction for blasphemy.

3. Swedish Man faces possible criminal conviction for honking at mosque

(So now we know. Mustards can make all the awful caterwauling they want in our cities and countries from a minaret. But the privilege of disturbing the peace is for them and them alone.)

Prosecutor Christina Weilander filed the charges with Södertörn district court on August 23rd, pertaining to an incident outside the mosque on May 3rd – the second Friday that the mosque used its minaret to broadcast the call to prayer since Swedish police allowed congregation leaders to proceed.

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4 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 28 2013 – 4”

  1. 1/ It’s good that North Carolina have also passed an anti-Sharia bill. It shouldn’t really be necessary as the U.S. constitution would block Sharia anyway, but seeing the way that Obama has already pissed on the constitution, there’s nothing wrong with an extra safeguard.
    The trouble is – laws are only of value if the people, judiciary and law enforcement officers acknowledge and defend them. If not, then they are useless and only worth the paper that they are written on.
    Still, it’s a good start.

  2. 3#. Spot on. “The priviledge of disturbing the peace is for them and them alone.”

    The prosecutor could have chosen to dismiss the case as a bagatelle incident compared to all the violent crimes in the Swedish society. Gang rapes for example. She chosed not to – politically correct and probably good for her future career.

  3. Christian Pakistani: Muslims all kinds of things, having lived side-by-side with Hindus for so long. Caste memories linger longest.

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