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8 Replies to “Windows Watching? Germany fears OS provides NSA with remote access”

  1. interestingly; Microsoft now provide hard cd/dvd support for service packs to win 8 only.
    abandoning win 7/vista might not be solely for economic or compatibility reasons only……

  2. How would linux help? ALl traffic on the internet is still vulnerable, just your own terminal is more secure. But its arguably as secure with Mac OSX, isn’t it?

  3. EEyore

    You are right- Linux will not help. All our traffic is monitored. The thing that concerns me is that monitoring can take place even if we do not have a browser open. It could take place because Windows 8 has deliberately left an open port. Which port?

    Some 5 to10 years ago, there was vehement debate place because the authorities wanted to monitor internet traffic, on the grounds that they needed to protect children from sexual perverts. There was huge opposition to such monitoring and the policy was dropped.

    I notice, that these days, politicians hardly ever mention that monitoring is required to stop paedophiles. Strange isn’t it?

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