Links and news for Aug 18 2013 – 1

1. “We’re pro-democracy” said Ahmed Eleman, a former advisor to the team of deposed president Muhammed Mursi and the rally’s organizer. (in Toronto)

2. Stopped by police and branded a paedophile… for hiking with my son: WILL SELF reveals moment an innocent ramble became a nightmarish tale of modern Britain.

(On the EDL Blogtalk broadcasts I have done, I often mention the problem of letting everyone in to a nation, then making everyone a suspect, hence, the birth of totalitarianism. This is a great example)

3. Turkish deputy PM calls on OIC’s Turkish chief to resign over Egypt coup stance 

“If I were the secretary-general of the OIC, I would invite all member countries to adopt a joint position against the coup in Egypt and to stand against these killings,” Bozda? said in an interview with Kanal 24 this morning.

(So now we know.)

4. Malaysian authorities on Saturday revoked the immigration privileges held by a Singaporean man who offended some Muslims by allegedly letting Buddhists use an Islamic prayer room

5. Taffy in Canada advises us that “There are 40000 UK citizens[passports] in Egypt as of two days ago. I expect we will see many of them hold themselves hostage to force an international response.” I think this is an interesting observation. We must watch to see if this highly observable prediction comes to pass. It’s reasonable to think it will.

6. Burmese muslims causing problems even in muslim Malaysia.

7. Muslim Brotherhood won’t shy away from martyrdom

(Well? What are you waiting for? Get a knife or a gun or a rock or the guy next to you and  ‘martyr’ yourselves. It would be the first islamic action I would be cheering on with beer and sausages)

“In the Algerian civil war there were 100,000 people who died. We are ready to pay the same price,” a young Islamist said on the streets of Cairo. He has already internalized the Brotherhood’s logic of martyrdom. “The Koran is our constitution. Jihad is our way. Dying for God is our most noble desire.”

In part, I agree.

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  1. “(On the EDL Blogtalk broadcasts I have done, I often mention the problem of letting everyone in to a nation, then making everyone a suspect, hence, the birth of totalitarianism. This is a great example)”

    As there are very real pedophiles and pederasts in the UK government and their D-Notices from Operation Ore – whose serious desire for power, acceptance and ideology over the breeders has propelled them there – this story has three messages out of the bag.

    1. The Accused.
    The Narrative: Protective Heterosexual Family Man accused of pedophilia.

    2. The Accuser.
    The Narrative: Busy body, jobsworth, hi-vis jacket government community stazi spy.

    3. The Government.
    The Narrative: Protecting the Public.

    1. I would have thanked the police. I would have asked them why they were no longer kicking down the doors of gang-bang exo-sexuals where drugs, disease, crown information and blackmail were the very depravities that the “for the protection of health or morals” was enshrined in the Human Right Act Section 8 part 2. Suited Ministers greeting each other when they were toga’d the night before, does not bode for the protection of children. I would then look the officer in the eye, and find a liar.

    2. The State’s ears are with their Community Enforcement Officers. Will Self, a “psychologist once described him as schizoid personality and borderline personality,” described these event so immaturely in a national newspaper, is thus not empathetically average, and might confuse a security guard that he was with a child. Defense of accusation via a scorched earth.

    3. Exposure of the public to pedophiles, no life imprisonment, keeping a central sex-register of self-interested people to subvert by the State – is like the Cookie Monster controlling the cookies. The diminishing of protection, creating an environment of fear that was never there before, and the desensitizing of the public to promiscuity with an unhealthy preoccupation with Homosexuality and Gay Marriage, seems intent to nudge the population off their center. Laws against Homophobia followed by Pedophobia. Job well done, Emperors of Europe. Welcome back.

  2. #7

    It’s only a gut feeling, really, but I think the army is going to win decisively in Egypt (after killing a thousand-or-so more bearded fanatics who are unreachable and have to go anyway), the Muslim Brotherhood is going to crawl back into it’s hole, and things are going to go back to being very much the same as they were under Hosni Mubarak. I also predict that the mainstream media will show no interest whatsoever in talking about why Barrack Obama and crew were so aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, despite the fact that they are the baddest of the bad guys and the inspiration for Osama bin Laden and al Quada.. How is it that I can know who Said Kutb is and I can know the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, and yet the entire US state department is so in the dark – can’t they read?

  3. Chris the outcome depends on the actions of the US, if we continue to give money and munitions to the Egyptian government they will win, if they are cut off from funds then the MB will win if someone like Russia doesn’t step in and support them with money and munitions.

  4. With respect, Richard, I don’t think the US has one ounce of influence left in Egypt, thanks to Mr. Barack al-Hussein and his starring role in the summer blockbuster, “All the Wrong Moves”. Just think of all those years and all those billions of dollars in foreign aid bribery, flushed down the toilet by President Big-ears. What an idiot that guy is!

  5. Oh, and the Russians as well as the Saudis really hate the Muslim Brotherhood. Don’t worry about Putin backing them. And I believe the Egyptian Army has enough AK-47 bullets to last ’til hell freezes over – if I’m not mistaken, and they can get by without the new M1A1s. 🙂 I think the Brotherhood is going to become a scary ghost that nobody in Egypt even mentions anymore – a nightmare best forgotten. I think some of the most current events are extremely bad news for the Salafists. It is starting to look as if the majority of Muslim people actually do not want to live under 7th century Bedouin law while simultaneously getting into a fight-to-the-death with the nations that defeated Adolf Hitler and the Axis Powers.

    But, I was wrong about Morsi and his rapid demise – I thought the MB was in the catbird seat. I simply did not think that anybody could be so incompetent as that. I could have told him that Islam sneaks up on people when they aren’t looking, it doesn’t make itself obvious and alert everyone to the danger so they can fight back before the Jihadis have developed their power. Duh… Hasn’t Morsi even read the Quran?

  6. Chris it isn’t influence I am talking about, it is cheap munitions to fight with, without a steady resupply of weapons and ammo the government can’t win, with a steady resupply it is unlikely they can lose.

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