Links and news for Aug 16 2013 – 3

1. Today’s blogtalk radio EDL show. No special guest. However one of the co-hosts, Tommy English, gave a description of what life is like in one of the Islamized areas of the UK where he grew up and the changes he himself saw early on in the show. I think that is very worth hearing and I may grab that section when I have time and put photos or video to it. In the rest of the show, we question some of the ideas that people commonly hold which I think retard our ability to fight back against totalitarianism, whether its leftist or Islamic.

2. While I question the BNP for a few reasons, I do believe these two gentlemen who he interviews are sincere in all. We posted an item or two about these two fellows when they first did this stunt to raise money for an animal shelter. I will give credit though. At least people are capable of learning when they directly experience the peace of islam.

3. Rocks and guns on the streets of Egypt.

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  1. The Egyptian Army is really cracking down, the next move is up to the MB. With the vast number of MB fighters tied down in Syria they are going to have to endure a long guerrilla campaign in Egypt or pull people out of Syria and leave it to Assad and Iran (not necessarily in that order.

    This mess will help us in the short run but I am not sure what it is going to do for us in the long run.

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