Links and news for Aug 14 2013 – 1

1. UK. 34 year old assaulted while walking dog

[…] All four men are described as being Asian and police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them.  […] PC Thomas Jay said: “This is a horrendous and unprovoked assault which has left the victim with a broken arm, cuts and bruises.

“Nothing was stolen from the victim so the motive for the offence is still not clear at this stage.

2. Yet Another Circular Conservative Firing Squad

(I haven’t seen this many negative reviews about a book that the reviewers had not read since The Bell Curve. which, by the way, is a very good book)

3. As of 12:30 PM Aug 14 2013 Fourteen Coptic churches have been destroyed in Egypt.

(List at link)

4. Syrian mujahadeen kill Syrian general and parade his head around on a stick.

5. 95 dead, more than 800 hurt as Egyptian forces clear pro-Morsi camps

Egyptian security forces used armored cars, bulldozers, tear gas and automatic weapons Wednesday to clear two protest camps in Cairo set up by Muslim Brotherhood supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, causing hundreds of casualties and at least 95 deaths.

The government said at least 95 people had been killed and more than 800 injured. Sky News says cameraman Mick Deane was shot dead in the violence, The Associated Press reported.

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11 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 14 2013 – 1”

  1. 34 year old assaulted while walking dog

    You can’t mean civilized humans…

    Surely, you meant 34 year old attacked by four Al-satians?

  2. The ;barbarians are at the gate and our eternal neobarbs are trying to let them in, if we are to remain free we must continue to fight.

  3. “Bell Curve” is a very good book and very much maligned by stupid people who ought to know better.

    The authors worried about college educated marrying the college educated marrying each other and getting a separation of groups of people delineated along IQ. The detractors of the book never worried about jocks marrying jocks or the good looking marrying the good looking.

    Kurt Vonnegut already covered the stupidity of the left in this regard.

    The left was so stupid in the heard like mentality that they fail to note that the book supports a Soviet contention. But of course most of them never actually read the book. It is going up around the globe. If I remember correctly it was going up faster in the 3rd world than in the 1st. It is harder to eke out continued gains. which means in the near future there will be parity. Unless one engages in group think or bad practices such as saying all you need to do in life is read one book and one book only.

    Reading only the one book is likely to get mankind stranded on this 3rd rock from the ssun a nd slowly starving over time.

    The left could not by and large define IQ 100 if the life depended on it.

  4. #1

    ““Nothing was stolen from the victim so the motive for the offence is still not clear at this stage.”

    A person would only say this if they were afraid for their job, their life or they were complete and utter moronic leftist

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