Islamophobic Graffiti Suspect Arrested

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from Le Figaro

One suspect was arrested this evening in relation to numerous islamophobic inscriptions that were discovered today in the city of à Avignon, most notably on the property of the Palais des Papes (Popes’ Palace).  Avignon City Hall reported graffiti had been spray-painted in red letters near the entrance to the Palace with the words ‘Mohamet the profet was a pig’.  At least seven other inscriptions were found of the same nature in various areas of the city.

Shortly after midnight, a ‘municipal police patrol’ witnessed and arrested an individual spray-painting in front of the Banque de France, according to City Hall.  Camera surveillance had recorded the individual spray-painting on the left side of the entrance of the Palais des Papes.  The deputy prosecutor for the City of Avignon confirms the man arrested is Thierry Villardo, an Italian citizen born in 1982 and who was just passing through Avignon, is currently being held in custody.

“He explains that following an argument with Maghreb nationals, he bought spray-paint cans.  He is not a racist or xenophobic individual by nature on a regular basis, but however he was upset.”  A Court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow.  The Palais des Papes and Avignon City Hall as well as the Banque de France put in a complaint for vandalism.  Abdallah Zekri, President of the Observatory of Islamophobia within the French Muslim Council (CFCM), also announced today their intention of putting forth a complaint for inciting racial hatred.

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  1. Since Mohammed WAS indeed a pig, and he is to be emulated as the perfect being by his disciples, it follows that all muslims are PIGS. What’s there to be argued.

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