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7 Replies to “Tard day in Moscow”

  1. Anyone who is not scared shitless by the sight of so many Muslim men chanting “Allahu Akbar” through loudspeakers, is just not awake. If that’s not a clear declaration of war, I don’t know what is. They are saying, “We are coming to kill you, Infidel” – that is what they are saying.

  2. If you were a liar and deceiver, you could stand back and only wonder at the enslavement of such males.

    Your Socialist Policies have ensured good men do not get into high places, for the indigenous populations are positively discriminated against… but these creatures who are even afraid that dogs would call them out to dominate and mount them, (as the lowest spiritually prostrated of all mankind), who call their betters “boss,” lest they cause any offense.

    That is why one, on his own, is entirely affable, but in a group will strip the innocent bare. And a Socialist on her own is entirely vulgar, but in a group will mind manners fair. One is a pack mule the other a pride beast to serve the glory of none, into the hands of the few.

    Where sex is merely stimulation-reward for the dead-hearted, of Bonos whose life has no meaning; and rent and snatched by the brain-eating chimps, whose dead-souls demand their re-breeding.

    “I’m free!” said the inmate in the psychological ward, looking so calmly at his parents at the new invention he had become. The ‘few-hands’ we amazed at this miracle, they’d just birthed another of them.

  3. The situation mirrors much the construction work done by illegals in the US, many honest and well paying contractors are struggling to stay afloat, it is hard to compete with such cheap labor. At least the Russians are showing some balls and rounding them up and tossing them.

  4. Perfect Child, your idea about why the Moslems hate dogs had never occurred to me, however it does make some sense, and causes a lot of laughter.

  5. If you watch the Dog Whisperer, Richard, the dog’s sense they can dominate Muslim men who were crushed as boys.

    The Socialist State has an agenda to give children messages that their little bodies awaken the feelings of adults who are victims of gender-hypersensitivity, so they wear a burkha called The Underpants Rule. The children become gender confused, to loath what they have.


    The boys are encouraged to call their limb “Graham” as it has a life of its own and the girls to reward with a “pony” (slang to masturbate). Listen to the radio conversation at the bottom of the NSPCC page.

    These Fascist-Pederasts and Communist-Pedophiles work hand in hand, the evil that will rapidly change the whole landscape of brutalized children enslaved to the will of their Collectives.

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