Links and news for Aug 8 2013 – 3

1. Moscow rejects Saudi offer to drop Assad for arms deal

Support for Assad is a matter of principle for Vladimir Putin,” he said. “Even the bait of $15 billion, a huge sum that represents two years’ turnover for Rosoboronexport (Russia’s arms exporting agency), will have no effect.”

2. Kurdish women train and fight with the men to drive out both Syrian and opposition forces from Kurdish lands. Description on YT page

3. Law requiring Muslim women to remove burqa to prove their identity to police introduced to WA Parliament

A NEW law that would require Muslim women to remove a burqa or niqab to prove their identity to West Australian police has been introduced to the state’s parliament.

The legislation was drafted in specific response to public outcry about the case of burqa-wearing mother-of-seven Carnita Matthews, who had a conviction of knowingly making a false statement quashed.

4. BBC VIdeo of homicide bomber in Pakistan who slaughtered people at the funeral of a policeman.

5. Another schism has taken root in the non-left counter-jihad efforts of some heavy weight people. For those who have noticed it, please see Diana West’s rebuttal to the removal of the review of her book on American communist efforts during the cold war and replacement with what can only be called a condemnation of it. I plan to keep reading both Ms. West and FPM.

6. America’s Alliance With Egypt Is on Verge of Collapse

America’s intricate alliance with Egypt, woven over four decades, is standing on the verge of collapse over the failure of the Obama administration to comprehend the revolution that ousted the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Cairo.

In a cascade of mutual recriminations over the past three days, President Mansour and his prime minister, Hazem Biblawi, described two senior American senators, sent as emissaries of President Barak Obama, as “delusional” and “liars.”

(What a shame it is to have to agree with the Egyptians on this one.)

7. Richard’s daily links.

7a. Turkey: Top Secular Journalists, Generals Sent to Prison for Life

7b. Exposed: Iran’s Secret Training Base for Jihadis Bound for Syria

7c. Raif Badawi hosted an online forum that encouraged participants to voice their opinion about religion in the Kingdom. For that, 7 years in prison and 600 lashes

7d. Morsi Supporters Desecrate Churches, Target Christians

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M, Richard, Snaphanen, and everyone who contributed today. Rita for translations and more.

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  1. #1 If Russia wants to retain credibility and trust in their international dealings and contracts they had to reject the offer. The interesting thing is that the Saudi’s thought the offer would be taken, this shows where their loyalty lies.

    #3 I hope it passes.

    #5 I also intend to keep reading both, and think that both sides have a lot of facts to back them up.

    #6 Once again Obama hurts the US.

    #7 They are all important and show the increased power of the theological parties in the Islamic world.

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