Links and news Aug 5 2013 – 1

1. Sunni-Shi’ite battles spread like wildfire    

2. No service in restaurant for woman with French flag on shirt. In France. Can someone say, ‘National Sovereignty’?

No Patriots Served Here. “We’re for the Arabs!” by V1683

Story here.

3. Delhi court cites Mahomedan Law to absolve man of raping minor

India: A Muslim man has been absolved of charges of illegally confining and raping a minor from the same religion, whom he later married, by a Delhi court which cited the Mahomedan Law that allows a 15-year-old girl to marry against the wishes of her parents. […]

According to the prosecution, the girl and her mother had lodged a complaint with the police alleging that the man had raped the minor last year when she was alone in her house. The accused had also threatened the girl not to disclose the incident to anyone otherwise he would kill her entire family and thereafter he raped her several times, the prosecution said.

4. Earlier this week, it became evident from an official response from the Education Ministry to a query that non-Muslim minorities in Turkey were monitored

“There is not a single non-Muslim public servant in Turkey, or students in military or police academies, which means that these codes can be used for other purposes.” He said the codes are an appalling violation of equality.

5. I find it interesting that not only are the police not giving any details about the identity or motive of the driver who injured numerous people and killed one in Venice Beach yesterday but in this interview, the actual witnesses who saw the man are not asked what he looked like or else their descriptions were edited out.

[autostart video deleted out of basic human kindness]

Richard provided a number of links to the story. I haven’t read them all yet, but so far there is a description of the act with a dearth of information which is known to witnesses and police about the who and the why. We are, in an age, where W5 has become W3. Two of the W’s are no longer allowed as they often do not fit the narrative.

5a. KTLA:

5b. LA CBS:

5c. LA Times:

6. This appears to be a meaningful step towards the game changing technology of a storage system for electricity that would truly revolutionize the world. Oh and utterly disempower Saudi Arabia etc. The one main problem with non-carbon power is storage. ‘Super-capacitors’ may solve that if they get a hundred times better than this. Maybe less.

7. Ever feel annoyed because you have to stop work to take a bath? Well no more! Now, getting clean is no excuse to take a break from your minimum wage data-entry job.

(Rumour has it that the same company is working on a system that lets you continue work while sleeping and even V2.1 when in a coma. Death where art thy sting. JK of course)

Thank you Tundra T, M, Richard, Shabnam for all the information and work.

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5 Replies to “Links and news Aug 5 2013 – 1”

  1. It’s not crazy or paranoid or racist to at least ask if this guy just happens to be a recent convert to the religion of Islam. Similarly, it’s not crazy to ask the same sort of question when a train mysteriously crashes or a forest is set ablaze on purpose. The religion of Islam has declared war on the world as surely as the Fascists did in 1940, and it simply makes sense to at least look in the direction of Islam when somebody attacks for no apparent reason. That being said, this guy in the black car could be anything, at this point. He could well be stark raving mad and hallucinating that everybody is a cockroach – literally.

  2. #1 This is both good news and bad news, it is good in that they are killing each other, it is bad in that the survivors are going to have been selected by combat and the best fighters.

    #3 Sick

    #5 there is no description of the driver in any of the articles

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