Revisiting the French woman refused service at French restaurant. Oh what a lucky girl she was.

In the links and news post right below this one, I put in a video of a French woman who was denied service at a restaurant in France because she had a French flag on her shirt. Here is the link and video again.

What a break for her that she found such honest enemies of the state. I wonder how many people have ingested urine, fecal matter, other excreta and poison from restaurants in France that feel exactly the same way but are not above taking a little money for food while violating the basic trust that exists between members of a community when allowing a stranger to prepare your meal for you.

This story is, in my mind, an excellent example of the critical strategic mistake Western nations are making when they use the approach to Islam that they insist on making. This same mistake is the one which prevents us from fighting Islam and its adherents to defend our own liberal-democracies, but is rapidly turning all our nations into intolerable police states with no personal rights or privacy whatsoever in the name of ‘national security’ resembling the Post-Orwellian dystopia presented in the movie, Brazil. Turning our nations into totalitarian states which may not be much different from sharia ruled ones in day-to-day practical reality in fact.

And what is this strategic error? Why the one that Major Nidal Hassan in fact is trying to help us correct. The one where we invent the enemy’s motives for him such as “work-place violence” etc. so that we will be able to continue to float the illusion that Islam is a wonderful part of our multicultural mosaic, as opposed to a supremacist ideology of manifest-destiny.

And how does it apply to this restaurant? Try refusing service to a Muslim and then throwing a bucket of water at him at your local restaurant and see how that goes for you. The penalty you will get will be exponentially higher than what it should be based on the actual damage of the act which should amount to a dry cleaning bill and that’s about all. But the real yet unstated crime you will have committed is threatening the narrative and for that you will get jail time. We see that in England regularly where selective enforcement of speech and thought crimes are wildly tilted in favour of muslims.

And of course, had she actually been poisoned till sick we would never know about it and had she been killed, the owners of the restaurant would probably be awarded large sums of money by the state for discrimination due to the investigation like the men who carved up Charlene Downs and served her in kababs.

Now back to the covenant of trust in a community.

Think about how much trust we all have to put in each other in a civilization, which is by definition a function of high degrees of specialization so that we all may pursue our own interests and we all get to help advance civilization and take advantage of those advancements. So the man who cooks 12 hours a day gets to spend his leisure time on the newest gadgets or whatever strikes his interests and the maker of high-tech gizmos doesn’t have to spend all his time growing and preparing food.

So what happens when you introduce an element into this equation, this coarsely tuned machine but tuned nonetheless, a large volume of people who despise all of us, loathe our system, actively teach each other to undermine it in every possible way, even by occasional but not heart-felt cooperation in order to get to a position where you can do more damage.

This may also beg the question about our food chain. We have people who attend mosques and listen to supremacist messages and hatred of the unbeliever every day working in every aspect of the meat-packing, delivery and serving industries. This would include non-halal ones.

Lastly, after having read the reviews of the restaurant where this woman was so maltreated, it seems to me lucky that their contempt is so out in the open. Now its up to us.



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5 Replies to “Revisiting the French woman refused service at French restaurant. Oh what a lucky girl she was.”

  1. No end in sight…

    North Nigeria militant attacks ‘kill 35’ (BBC, Aug 5, 2013)
    “At least 35 people have been killed in two attacks by militants in northern Nigeria, the authorities have said.

    A military statement said 32 militants, two soldiers and a police officer died in the assaults on a police station and a military base on Sunday.

    An emergency was declared in Borno and two neighbouring states in May after four years of attacks by Boko Haram….”

  2. I know I said I would keep my gob shut, but you have made a very good case except. The term ‘liberal democracy’ has been around for about thirty years – around the same time as all this nonsense started.
    So what is the source of our problems ?
    What they are terming ‘liberal democracy’.
    You have taken up a typical liberal position, fighting tooth and nail against what you are embracing with both hands.
    What part of this is exactly the blind alley we are being led up don’t you get ?
    What you have described above is what liberal democracies do.
    They don’t have a culture to defend, they are a house built on sand, they define themselves by what they aren’t, rather than what they are.
    Name one quality of so called liberal democracy, apart from one man one vote that you want to defend ONE positive set in stone identifiable principle that says ‘liberal democracy’.
    One man (includes women), one vote, manipulated by gerrymandering, vote fixing, lies, bribes, media propaganda, does NOT a culture, a people, a nation make

  3. Phil you are welcome to state your views whenever you like. I generally enjoy them and think about them often.

    I use the term ‘Liberal-Democracy’ to refer to a Jeffersonian like state. Something reflective of US constitutional culture and law. Equality before the law but not statistical equality of result. No racism and no affirmative action, which really is just racism and nothing else. I recognize that especially in the US the term ‘liberal’ has come to mean communist. I think its a shame personally that such a valuable term and concept has been hijacked by the most notorious ideology in order to anesthetize people to it.

    It is another debate as to whether or not we allow the hijacking of such terms. I don’t have a general answer, but I do for this one.

    Liberal must not be taken by the enemy for its purposes. I say this knowing its a war already lost as Rush Limbaugh uses the word to mean communist. A group that has also hijacked the term, ‘progressive’.

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