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6 Replies to “A fantastic analysis of the Martin-Zimmerman case.”

  1. he forget to mention his addiction to” LEAN/ PURPLE JUICE ” he was carrying two of the three main ingredients ” WATERMELON JUICE AND SKITTLES ” check the moonbattery blog for more details , nev (uk)

  2. I love Manning. He is the guy who called Obama a “long-legged pimp with a white mama”. Nev is correct on that Lean bit. All he had to add was codeine-based cough syrup. His cell phone messages referred to it.

  3. Manning also did not mention that this was not the first time Sabrina rejected/ejected Trayvon from her home. Trayvon’s daddy, Tracy Martin, met and shacked up with Trayvon’s “step-mom”, Alicia Stanley a year before he left Sabrina. Alicia raised Trayvon for 14 of his 17 years. Tracy then moved on from Alicia’s to Brandi Green in Sanford. conservative treehouse blog suggests Tracy ‘divorced’ both Sabrina and Alicia . . . Which would also suggest Tracy did not simply shack up with women in his life.

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