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5 Replies to “Why the name Vlad Tepes?”

  1. Vlad is still a Romanian hero, and even today Romania has one of the lowest populations of Muslims in Europe. France may be as much as 10% Muslim now, Britain has around 6% Muslims, Romania is less than 0.5% Muslim.
    Interestingly enough, I heard another story, but I can’t verify the truth of it – the tradition of the Christmas tree fairy comes from Vlad Tepes. Many of Vlad’s Muslim captives were spiked up the arse (sometimes whilst still alive) and perched on the top of trees or on huge upright wooden poles as a warning to the Ottoman invaders. This may be a reference to the Muslim love of sodomy, an act which Vlad probably detested.
    It became a tradition for those erecting Christmas trees to place an effigy on top. It was later changed to a fairy to make it more child friendly.

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