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5 Replies to “Sam Harris on relativism in reporting and discussion of Islam”

  1. Some Kabyles dare to challenge Islamofascist supremacy.

    Algerians eat lunch in Ramadan protest (BBC, Aug 4, 2013)
    “A group of Algerians have publically eaten lunch during Ramadan to demonstrate against the persecution of people who do not observe the religious fast.

    Around 300 people in the north of the country made the protest, knowing there can be serious consequences for not fasting during the Muslim holy month…”

  2. Sam Harris ought to have corrected the participant who said that the Bible (like the Koran 4 34) contains a verse ordering (or explicitly allowing) husbands to beat-scourge-whip their wives who are disobedient. That verse does not exist in the Bible at all. The verse in the original Arabic, is written grammatically in the imperative verbal mood, meaning it is a divine command, not a license to beat the wife. Nothing comparable can be found in the whole of the Bible.

    The Hadith are to the Life of Mohammed (in Islam) as the 4 Gospels are to the Life of Jesus (in Christianity). In all Islamic schools of jurisprudence, the recognized collections of Hadith are venerated and constitute fundamental texts for Sharia law and for doctrine. According to these Hadith, Mohammed asserted that women are like domestic animals or like war captives and should be treated suitably. Those were his last words on the subject, which he declared during his last trip to Mecca. No abrogation possible. According to other reliable Hadith, in the eyes of Allah women do not have the right to refuse sexual intercourse with their masters (if they refuse, angels will curse them). Other Hadith declare women to be like beasts of burden because both can be ridden, and that the presence of a woman or a black dog invalidates prayer.

    Is a being that can be forcibly inseminated with supreme contempt considered human?

    Imagine the Malleus Maleficarum as a fundamental text, say, as a 5th Gospel, written by an Evangelist. Imagine what that would mean for Christian women today. That is how we need to think about the impact of the Hadith and the Koran on the position of women in Islam.

    The Malleus Maleficarum was declared to be false soon after it was published by the Catholic Church. Jesus or even Paul never compared women to animals or assert a likeness between women and animals.

  3. I must give credit where credit is due.

    I passed this along to Vlad from a good fighter down under, Allan Ivarsson.

    In any case, egos aren’t involved but tip’o’the hat must be given where due.

    Thanks Allan and Jan and thanks for the bloody good work Vlad….

    I am looking forward to a comprehensive post on the “blonde girl”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta Canada

    “Pro Deus et Pro Patria”

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