Links and news for Aug 3 2013 – 3

1. Athens construction firms reluctant to build mega mosque for several reasons:

Kathimerini spoke to representatives of several smaller companies that had expressed an interest in the scheme in the past, who admitted to concerns about the popular opposition to the construction of a mosque in Athens. One person spoke of fears of “being targeted by extremist groups,” while another said that he had been unable to physically submit the bid due to a protest against the mosque by residents and other groups.

Far-right Golden Dawn is opposed to the mosque’s construction but the project is also being fought by Bishop of Piraeus Seraphim and a residents’ group in Votanikos.

2. Whining gay couple insist Church abandon its own principles and ‘marry’ them. Exactly when did everyone seem to get the right to force every private organization to submit to their whims? Can I force a hockey rink to let my football team play there? Or is it just some groups that get to bend everyone else to their will?

a homosexual man has launched a lawsuit against a Church of England parish in Maldon for refusing him and his civil partner the lavish church wedding of their dreams.

A word of advice to you two. Start your own damn church. Or get married in one that allows it. You know, like everyone else in the world.

3. Gypsies trash tourism in Paris. (If it ain’t the tards….)

Halfway across the picturesque cobbles they are approached by a group of teenage boys, who appear to be the children of Roma gipsies. There are eight of them, smiling manically and blowing kisses.

The tourists, both American men in their 20s, attempt to wave the beggars politely away. But the youths refuse to leave: instead, they crowd closer. Within seconds, the two men are surrounded. Hands grab at their pockets, or reach for their rucksacks. Voices are raised and a scuffle ensues.

It takes perhaps 20 seconds for the confusion to clear. By that time, the shocked Americans have been relieved of their bags, which lie torn open on the pavement, surrounded by personal belongings. At least one camera has been stolen, along with a wallet. Mobile phones are missing. A pair of designer sunglasses lie twisted in the gutter.

4. Algerians eat lunch in protest during Ramadan. BBC

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3 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 3 2013 – 3”

  1. 1/ After being slaves of the Ottoman Empire, the Greeks know what Islam is all about. More Western countries should be doing this.

    2/ Do you think mosques will be intimidated in the same way to perform Gay marriages? Somehow I doubt it.

    3/ Once a nation allows the tards to walk all over it, every other malevolent culture follows suit.

    4/ Why is it that the biggest and most defiant protestors against Islam are found in Muslim countries? Western nations are too soft on Islam. Can’t they learn from Muslim countries where even some Muslims don’t want Islam?

  2. #1 Greeks only got their freedom back about 1821. It was brutal. The turks used the Pathenon as an ammo depot, there was an explosion there and so this iconic building from antiquity is worse for the wear.

    #2 Gays are way past toleration. They want acceptance. Which means as everyone here knows validation of their lifestyle choice. They are as bad as the gypsies.

    #3 I remember a class mate said they had gypsy ancestry. There was a big difference. They blended. They worked. They were attending classes in hard sciences. Having been part of a defeated people in India and forced into slavery or serfdom in Persia, what have the gypsies done since then? They certainly have not tried to assimilate one iota.

    #4 Brave people. I hope they succeed.

  3. #1 Good for them, I hope they stick to their guns.

    #2 This is an attempt to force Christianity to change it beliefs, just like the Fascists and the Communists.

    The Gypsy’s that try to assimilate are having to fight against the idioticy of the Gypsy’s that refuse to assimilate.

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