Links and news for aug 1 2013 – 4

1. Political correctness and peeing standing up. Young girl told she can use boys washroom at school cause DOJ said so.

2. Gang chanted ‘Lee Rigby’ as they kicked soldier in Exeter underpass

(I wonder if there was a day when soldiers were in more danger in their home country from the enemy than when they were actually on the field of battle. Put another way, I wonder when our governments will admit the streets are a field of battle.)

3. Czech Pastafarian allowed to wear sieve on his head in official ID photo shows the futility of multiculturalism as official policy.

All hail St. Dawkins.

4. ‘Illegal’ muslim party banned from polls in Bangladesh. (Now if only they could be banned from the streets where they riot)

5. Front Page compares Obama policies with Karl Marx’s 10 point plan. Some more reasonably than others.

6. There is a lot of material about former Sec. state Clinton’s gal Friday, Huma Abedin recently. Andrew Bostom has published a lot of material and quite frighteningly, provided solid proof of her personal beliefs and the agenda she works for, in the form of publications she was involved with, that have conclusions which are undeniably violently seditious.

Here is one of the Bostom Articles and here is another

“…Islam does not recognize a dichotomy between the sacred and the secular. In the name of peaceful co-existence and religious harmony, non-Muslims should stop opposing the application of shari’ah by and for the Muslims…Moreover, the Ahl al-Kitab should eschew all acts bordering on treasonable felony but cooperate with Muslims and, as scripturalists, should not support secularism”

More on this later with a Diana West interview.

7. European Union creates law that will go down in history as the most selectively enforced of all time. While great in theory, we can bet on exactly how this will play out in fact. Further disenfranchisement of non-muslims of all kinds in every way, in all institutions and as closely as possible to our own minds.

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  1. #6 The woman is absolutely a spy. Spies aren’t just james bondian information thieves. They also serve as agents of influence or try to sabotage the government they have slimed their way into.

    In WWII a Soviet spy infiltrated German intelligence by pretending to defect. To that end he was given the identities of other spies by the KGB. He then tracked down, interrogated 10 of those spies while working for the Germans and had them killed.

    The Russians knew his plan to kill the other Russian spies and gave him their names so he could.

    If spies can do that then marrying a kufar is a laughably minor thing to do to ease ones way into the enemey infrastructure.

  2. 3. St. Dawkins or whatever he wants to call himself is still and idiot. Beliefs do not need to be proven. Burden of proof is on no one except those that want to find ‘proof’ which in this case is Dawkins

  3. Quite some revelation… “Wonder” what went wrong…

    Germany’s Helmut Kohl ‘wanted half of Turks sent back’ (BBC, Aug 1, 2013)
    “Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl wanted to halve the number of Turks living in West Germany in the early 1980s, British official papers cited by a German magazine reveal.

    He discussed the idea with then UK PM Margaret Thatcher at a meeting in Bonn in 1982, Spiegel Online reported.

    Mr Kohl said that Turks “did not integrate well”, minutes of the meeting said.

    He told Mrs Thatcher he wanted their numbers cut by half within four years.

    Speigel Online said the minutes were marked “secret” but have now been released as the period of confidentiality has ended.

    “Chancellor Kohl said… that it would be necessary over the next four years to reduce the number of Turks by 50% – but he could not say that publicly,” notes from the meeting said, according to the Spiegel Online report.

    “Germany had no problems with the Portuguese, the Italians, even the south-east Asians, because these communities integrated well,” the notes read.

    “But the Turks came from a very distinctive culture and did not integrate well.”…”

  4. @ Wrath of Khan

    Why are there Turks on others in Europe? Because they were invited.

    Why were they invited? Because big business and thus the politicians wanted them.

    Why did business want them? Because their was a manpower shortage.

    Why was their a manpower shortage? Because of of WW1 & WW2.

    Why was WW2 fought? Because it was a WW1 grudge match, because dictators need enemies, loot and desire more land and are natural Irredentists! And stupid people like Neville Chamberlain. Really Neville Chamberlain. Hitler was not an evil genius, He just knew who he could bully.

    Why was WW1 fought? See the book Sleepwalkers.

    F_ck, we really did not need those wars

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