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2 Replies to ““WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT” Promotional Trailer”

  1. Most of us in the US are getting quite sick of the ‘official’ and ‘politically correct’ poor excuse for news reporting by the MSM (i.e. the government media complex), when the violence is reported on it the reports are always softened, modified, and sanitized. It’s always a few yooouths, and the truth is buried . More police is not the answer, soon as most law biding and hard working whites, blacks, and others fear for our safety we will just avoid these festering hell holes and let them rot into Detroit like wastelands. The only ones who can fix this problem is the ethnic communities themselves. The ‘government’ has failed due to the welfare state, taking away personal responsibility.

  2. Frank I agree with you, but with Obama trying to start a race war I am not sure we can avoid the hell holes and let the criminals kill themselves off.

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