Curiouser and curiouser. Several coincidental events that escape media notice… or do they?

There have been at least 5 major train wrecks in the past month or so, and this is not counting the ones that were prevented by arrest of Al-qaeda operatives planning major train disasters in Canada and the USA. Interestingly, as Don Laird notes, the same magazine, ‘Inspire’, by AQ in the Islamic Maghreb which advised its readers to attack trains also advised them to attack various other infrastructure facilities wherever possible. The attack on a transformer farm in California with AK47s by an “Armed gang” for example (earlier reports where more clear that many AK47s were used to fire MANY rounds into these transformers) which the press has written off as mere vandalism or this attack on an emergency radio broadcast center strike me as oddly under-reported, or perhaps mis-reported would be a better way to describe it.

The entire Western media seems to be run by the principles of misdirection these days more akin to a child’s birthday magician than to the principles of informing the public for the purposes of allowing them to make the best decisions in their own interests. You know, free and democratic society kinds of things.

On a completely different subject, hundreds of people made very ill by bagged salads across the USA. This seems to happen quite often recently and to quite a lot of people. (H/T Richard)

Be interesting to get a look at the workers at ye’ olde salad factory.

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6 Replies to “Curiouser and curiouser. Several coincidental events that escape media notice… or do they?”

  1. So coincidence or unclaimed sabotage, the not crowing about an raid. How common is that. Muslim populations in Europe getting a little push back? Sooner everything is out in the open the better.

  2. Yup, maybe or maybe not, but someone needs to investigate

    Like the Alberta beef concerns, big surprise that it happened in an area where almost 100 percent of the workers were islamic

  3. We are so use to the terror groups committing acts that they proudly claim that we forget the trained professional intelligence and spec ops personal that the various Islamic nations are reported to have infiltrated into the US. When the pros commit some action that can be classified as terror attacks they remain silent about who did it, this is to keep people guessing if it was a deliberate attack or just carelessness. The Idea is to make the consumers question the safety of the food supply and to make the public think that the home grown vandals are committing more and larger crimes.

  4. The political class will only report to us what they feel we need to know, that’s the way the liberal mind works.

  5. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird

    I have always made the case for internment and now it seems that I have some help.

    Michelle Malkin wrote a book, an excellent book called “The Case For Internment”

    In the last major war we acted wisely and judiciously and removed Japanese men and women from sensitive areas and placed them out of “harm’s way”

    The Japanese were fanatical worshipers of an earthly God-King, the Emperor. For the Emperor they would stop at nothing to please him and obey his every command.

    Turn now to a vast majority of Muslims, and quibble not, nor bore and weary me with arguments of the elusive “good Muslims”.

    The Muslims are blind fanatical worshipers of a 7th century lunatic and would stop at nothing to please him and obey his every command.

    While there may be issues relating to the stages of desperate military measures in the waning light of the Japanese rising sun, the fact remains there are striking similarities between the two enemies we faced and face.

    Whether it is flying aircraft laden with explosives into aircraft carriers whilst screaming Banzai!!!!…..or flying jet airliners laden with terrified, wretched souls into skyscrapers whilst screaming “Allahu Ackbar”!!!!………..the similarities are irrefutable……..and although 80 years has elapsed……..the solutions to the dilemma’s are the same………internment and deportation!!!!!

    As radio and public service towers are destroyed….as water reservoirs are poisoned… forests are set ablaze… trains are derailed……… suggestion, made several years ago, to embark on a course of M.A.I.D, will become our only option.

    MAID: Muslim Arrest Incarceration/Isolation Deportation

    It may prick the sensibilities of some……it may offend the easily offended…..but then again, the truth and reality have always offended those who do our nation and our culture such grievous harm…… the end, it is a reasonably decent solution to protect the lives of the innocent.

    Please support MAID. Talk about it, support it, promote it, endorse it, write Parliament about it.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  6. We can wish but the WWII internment was caused in part by the sabotage dome by the Germans in America during WWI, those actions have been forgotten and the blame American First crowd has used teh internment to attack the US. We will have to suffer a lot of sabotage and terror attacks before the idea of internment will become politically feasible.

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