Links and News for July 27 2013 – 2

1. Femen does protest for Canadian woman who married a Saudi and moved there with entirely predictable results. First Femen protest in Ottawa I believe. (Comments at the post are mostly embarrassing. I am somewhat ashamed of my fellow Canadians)

2. Breaking: Six dead, 40 wounded in Philippines blast     

(But, didn’t the Philippines sign a peace deal with MILF?)

Cagayan de Oro is located on the main southern island of Mindanao, which has been blighted by a decades-old rebellion by elements of the large Muslim minority in the mainly Catholic Asian nation.

3.  Muslim Brotherhood’s Libya offices attacked by protesters

4. 263 Central Asians Detained at “Prayer House” in Moscow Suburb

5. Around 1200 inmates escape Libyan jail.

“There was a riot inside al-Kwafiya prison, as well as an attack from outside,” he said. (H/T Wrath of Khan)



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6 Replies to “Links and News for July 27 2013 – 2”

  1. RE; #4 At least the Russian government has gotten their attention, the message is very clear we are watching you. Unlike the balless authorities in many Western countries who grovel and apologize no end.

  2. Re:#1

    There soimw quite terse comments. One is

    Laura Griffin LynnS
    • an hour ago

    I’m really sick of how women constantly contort things to make excuses for themselves. Womens lib has been very vocal about teaching us that women are intelligent beings who are just as smart as men and perfectly capable of making decisions for themselves.

    But as soon as their stupid decisions get them in trouble, then we’re supposed to make all sorts of excuses for them being dumb.

    This woman made a conscious informed choice to marry and move to this country and have children. That’s different from a woman who was born there. It’s widely known and publicized how things work over there. There’s tons of information on the internet about it. Movies and documentaries have showcased this issue.

    Now we — as a country — are supposed to step in and help her because, poor, frail, little thing just didn’t know what she was doing.

    Women can’t have it both ways. Either they’re smart and strong and accept responsibility for their actions or they’re clueless vapid helpless creatures who need men to look after them.

  3. DP111- Femen isn’t the voice of women or even women’s lib. They’re young and pretty, gutzy self-promoters. As nonviolent protesters go, they’re way more fun than old Gandhi fasting in his diaper. They’re sure-fire attention magnets for whatever cause strikes their fancy. Even managing to do some good sometimes.
    Not this time.
    The Saudis are welcome to keep her and the brats. Either she was too arrogant, too greedy, or dumb as a stone. Probably all three. All you can say is “may they rest in peace” or “peace be upon them”. Dead meat.

  4. yucki

    I agree.

    This “Canadian” woman now wants back in Canada. I presume that she converted to Islam, and all her children are hard core Saudi Muslims. More Muslims in yet another Christian country.

    In this case, quite literally – “she made your bed, and she can l,lie in it”.

    The only problem I have, is our politicians are rabidly intent in importing as many Muslims into the West as they can, while letting Christians in Muslim countries be slaughtered.

  5. Re: Nathalie Morin and DP111 –
    If she gets back to Canada, she should sue the news papers, the educational system and a few PC politians for teaching the islam (and islamic countries) respect women and are ‘peaceful’.
    She was stupid, true, however, she was also lied to and deceived.
    Maybe we should start talking more about the evil effects of the PC movement.

  6. #2 Before the Spanish American war the Moro’s ruled a fair chunk of the Philippines, they raided the villages in pirate/slave taking raids and laughed at the Spanish. The US stopped the raids and made the Moros obey the law. Or at least be a lot more careful in where they stole. Now the Islamic conquest of the world is moving again and the Moros are working to make sure they rule their corner of the world.

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