Links and news for July 25 – 3

1. Fatah honours terrorists for murdering 61 Israelis 

2. Depleted Uranium at Opa-Locka Airport

A 55 gallon drum of depleted uranium was found in the area of a dismantled airplane at Opa-locka Executive Airport in Miami and hazardous materials crews were on scene.

3. Military Censors Christian Chaplain, Atheists Call for Punishment

A Christian chaplain in the military is being officially censored for engaging in free speech, and anti-Christian activists are demanding he be punished.

4. Slow Mo footage of Spanish train disaster

5. NSA new spy facility is 7X larger than the Pentagon

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  1. Femen says top activist assaulted in Ukraine

    A leading male activist with Ukrainian feminist rights movement Femen was beaten up in a brutal nighttime attack, the group said Thursday, blaming the Ukrainian and Russian special services.

    The group described the attack as an act of intimidation ahead of a visit to Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin later this week for an Orthodox religious anniversary for which its activists had been planning protests.

    Viktor Svyatskiy was hospitalised with severe bruising to his face, a suspected broken jaw, broken teeth and loss of blood in the assault late on Wednesday in central Kiev, Femen said in a statement.

    Femen blamed the attack on employees of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and their counterparts in Belarus who are still known as the KGB.

    “Yesterday evening, Viktor Svyatskiy was brutally beaten by representatives of the special services,” Femen said.

    Femen’s female activists have become well-known in Ukraine and abroad for baring their breasts to protest discrimination against women and other rights violations.

    The Femen statement described Svyatskiy as a “political consultant” working with the group, while Ukrainian media said he was one of their ideologues.

    more on the page :

  2. 7x larger than Pentagon.

    But the Pentagon is just an office building. The writer is comparing an office building to many acres of undeveloped land.

  3. What does that explosion look like?

    The location and timing seem pretty perfect. Right at a curve.

    The corresponding flash that happens at the railing appears to be just a reflection as it changes color temperature when the exlosion from the train does.

  4. If you start and stop the video you can see the front of the car lift up at the time of the explosion.

    Bob they are talking about the planned size of the new building.

  5. Phil, I’m grateful to read your blast against infamy right here, right now. Juxtapose chilling scenes of genocide of Christians in every Muslim hell-hole with extensive coverage of this John Kerry, this zombie of a Kennedy vampire, & I too am barking mad.

    Martin, I need an antiemetic before watching your Kerry clips. He’s uniquely offensive to the Bostonians he’s aping. After all we’ve been through, now we’re to parse the braying of this egregious jackass? Today, 100 days after the bombing on Patriots’ Day.

    It’s a day marked by the “good” news of the release of the last victim from the hospital. One hundred days & 60 surgical procedures later. A crowd gathered to celebrate this young father’s survival. Medical professionals & first responders, students & scholars, crusty old veterans & doyens of American history.

    This signifies, not that posteur of a Secretary of State. He is so bad, his every gesture will harm this country. Another proof positive that Obama is guilty of treason.

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