Links and news for July 25 2013 – 4

1. Unnamed man with AK47 arrested in London

2. Gates of Vienna post on the Spanish train disaster. A cool breath of reason.

3. Top consultant/activist of Femen assaulted in Ukraine. (CAUTION: No nudity) Story here.

4. French Train Crash Revisited: Fireman Says He Was Bombarded with Racist Insults

5. Criticize highly questionable immigration policies in the UK? (Islam. The world’s largest extortion racket of all time)

6. Nigerian Vigilantes w/Machetes Pursue Boko Haram Muslim Terrorists

Kerry recently ordered the Nigerian government to show “restraint” when fighting the genocidal Muslim terrorist group that has killed thousands.

Well the Nigerian army is taking it easy. And vigilantes with machetes who don’t give a damn about Obama’s orders are stepping into the breach.

Armed with machetes and clubs, vigilantes in Nigeria’s northeastern city of Maiduguri are setting up roadblocks and conducting house-to-house searches to aid the army’s fight against Islamist militants.

Thank you EDL Buck, Richard, M, Fjordman and all the people who send in these links. Thank you very much.

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8 Replies to “Links and news for July 25 2013 – 4”

  1. They took away guns form almost all the citizens. How is that working?

    If 6 Pakistanis can illegal enter Britain and try to engage in sham marriages, which was another story, then they can also smuggle in weapons.

    But liberals believe in gun bans. The liberal mind is like a nightmare Rorschach inkblot test

  2. An AK47 was possibly used to rob a bank?

    I would think that the bank robber is a foreigner. Look at the Great Train robbers. sure they wanted to steal but they did not hold up a bank.they were more subtle.

  3. I doubted the Roger Waters jew pig story so went looking for an image of it. Found one instantly. It’s of the pig floating around his concert (which looks like the f-ing Neuremburg rally btw).

    Found it just by image googling “roger waters pig star of david”

    There’s another image of him in a black leather tranchcoat with one of his fascist 2 hammers arm bands on. I’m beginning to wonder what that kind of imagery really means to Roger Waters.

    Sorry for the double post but I was wondering where it’s appropriate to post OT stuff- so I did in the latest post and in the genereal news post.

  4. Truth: Thanks for finding that. Someone really needs to find where he lives and take some pictures of his house. I bet it is a walled property, or a gated community. I bet he lives in a way he would scream fascist at, if it was anyone else. Anyone who has a star of David associated with tyranny and fascism and not North Korea just as one example, needs a reality check.

  5. RE; #6 The only thing that the ‘pious followers of the teachings of the prophet ‘understand is a good ass kicking firmly applied. The poor and disadvantaged villagers do not have time for our ‘Dear Leader’s’ and Mr. Kerry’s lame lip service. They are being subjected to an Islamist pogrom of murder, rape, terror,pillage, destruction, and burning not seen since the Mongol horde swept across Europe, and they do not have the luxury of waiting for some pompous blowhards to come into their country and attempt to ‘negotiate’ with these Islamist inbred mutants bent on eradicating them from the face of the Earth, Survival is a basic human instinct.

  6. RE; #3 I agree that is the devious method using secret police tactics of getting the groups attention short of murdering it’s political advisers.

  7. #3. Putin is fighting Islam better then any country other then China. What was the Femen group going to demonstrate about? Maybe they want more aggression, Putin can do that as demonstrated with that mans face

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