Links and news for July 23 2013 – 3

1. Teachers in schools in The Philippines ordered to remove muslim face veils 

Women teachers have been ordered to remove their veils when teaching in the classroom in the majority Catholic country of the Philippines.

It is the latest twist in the ongoing controversy over the wearing of the religious garment, that sparked a riot in the French capital Paris on Friday.

2. Japan scrambled fighter jets on Wednesday after a Chinese military aircraft flew for the first time through international airspace near its southern islands out over the Pacific

3. Immigration officers arrest eight men at Gretna registration office moments before six allegedly ‘sham’ weddings

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  1. #2 China is moving their attack on Japan to the next level, they intend to steal all of the Japanese Islands south of Okinawa and then Okinawa. After that is accomplished they will think about the islands north of Okinawa.

    The Chinese have dreamed about conquering Japan for as long as the Japanese have dreamed about conquering China.

  2. Clapper warns against measure to rein in NSA

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The director of the National Intelligence says an effort in the House to rein in the National Security Agency’s electronic surveillance program would dismantle a critical tool in the fight against terrorism.

    James Clapper issued the statement just hours ahead of a House vote on an amendment by Republican Rep. Justin Amash that would end the statutory authority under the USA Patriot Act for the NSA to collect hundreds of millions of phone records.

    Clapper said he was joining the leaders of the congressional intelligence panels in cautioning against acting in haste. He said he welcomes an open and candid discussion about the NSA programs.

    The White House and Gen. Keith Alexander, director of the NSA, have also appealed to lawmakers to oppose the amendment.

  3. At least 20 killed in train derailment in Spain: reports

    Madrid: At least 20 people were killed when a train derailed outside the northern Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela on Wednesday, state media and witnesses said.

    Train wagons lay on their sides with smoke billowing from the wreckage, photographs published on the Voz de Galicia newspaper website showed.

    “It was going so quickly … It seems that on a curve the train started to twist, and the wagons piled up one on top of the other,” passenger Ricardo Montesco told Cadena Ser radio station.

    “A lot of people were squashed on the bottom. We tried to squeeze out of the bottom of the wagons to get out and we realised the train was burning … I was in the second wagon and there was fire … I saw corpses,” he added.

    Another witness told the station they had heard an explosion before seeing the derailed train.

    Galician TV and state radio reported at least 20 people had died, citing witnesses.

    A spokesman for the regional government’s office confirmed there had been a train accident, but said no further details were available.

    Emergency services and police were not immediately available for comment.

    Santiago de Compostela, the birthplace of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, is best known as the destination of an ancient Catholic pilgrimage route.

  4. @ Richard

    If the Chinese took Japan they would need advance posts to protect that. They would want at least 3 lines worth in depth.

    Okay so Iwo Jima and Chichi Jima would be part of the 1st chain out. Midway would be part of the 2nd chain out

    Hawaii would be part of the 3rd chain out.

    Of course to anchor these island chains on the flanks they would need something uhmmmm .., Alaska and Australia.

    It is a matter of Chinese defense policy that they regard the Western Pacific as their sphere of influence. Which means that another superpower cannot have a defense alliance with any country in the Western Pacific. They would also want no U.S. naval ship mucking about. Beside if we had no allies in the Western Pacific because China frowns on such things why would we need ships there? Of we had no economic trade then why would the U.S. Navy need to keep open the sea line of communication (SLOC)?

    1. Do a web search on ( +”string of pearls + China )

    “Is China’s String of Pearls Real?”

    Also see Forbes Magazine and Wikipedia which has a map. If I remember correctly Forieng Affairs magazine had amp showing defense in depth.

    2. If you find a map it shows 3 lines of defense kind of like the Japanese concept of Defense for its’ Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

    China has had several conference in Central Asia and South east Asia where the United States was explicitly dis invited.

    3. China has been trying to replace the dollar as the reserve currency. It has worked with Iran and other countries and trying to make all trades without dollars currencies and are making trade.
    They are free to do so. But it is done not so much to make the trades cheaper or easier. They are done to get around U.N. sanctions and trying to cut the U.S. down to size.

    Taking 1, 2 & 3 together we are in everything but a shooting war.

    P.S. (As an aside)
    Chichi Jima was where (per the progressives and Democrats) the inept George Herbert Walker Bush was shot down by anti-aircraft guns because he was inept pilot. Read the book “Flyboys”.
    George was flying a torpedo plane and the Navy had run out of Japenese ships to torpedo. So they had the torpedo planes conduct glide bomb attacks against Chi chi Jima to destroy its communication facilities. They had several squadrons over more than 1 day attempt this. Of course some of those planes were going to get shot down. Ya think? Democrats never pass up an opportunity to lie.

  5. The picture at this link shows that Malaysia, Indonesia and the Phillipines figure not China’s defense.

    Now the Phillipines are not a Chinese ally. There is Spratly Islands dispute. So the Phillipine government will keep the U.S> close if not out of love than out of fear. China is the 800 pound gorilla.

    But that goes out the window if the U.S. is exceptionally weak for a long period of time.

    3 terms for Obama?

  6. Red you are going into more detail then I normally do, yes we are in a war with China that has not yet gone hot, as you say this is because we haven’t been weakened enough to let China drive us out of the Pacific and conquer our possessions. I don’t think we will be weak enough after Obama’s second term but a third term for him or Hillary seceding him would weaken us enough for them to attack.

    We are facing a very nasty future if we can’t manage to derail the Obama agenda and restore the Us to the prosperity that we normally enjoy. I don’t know what can be done against Obama right now, impeaching him wouldn’t do anything since the Senate would not vote to kick him out of office. Besides removing Obama would but Biden in office had he would be as bad or worse.

  7. Red don’t forget China’s moves to control all of the mineral resources in Africa and their bid to dig a new channel in Central America, one that will let the modern tankers and freighters use the canal. The US is so mired in anti-colonialism that they refuse to look at the problems of the old canal.

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